Mt Everest Tour – Mt. Everest Base Camp
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Mt Everest Tour – Mt. Everest Base Camp

Update: Nov. 13th, 2012

Mt Everest Tour – Mt. Everest Base Camp

Mt. Everest Base Camp is referred to the zone settled for the protection of the environment of the central area of Mt. Everest. It is 5200 meters above the sea level and the straight-line distance between the Base Camp and the top of Mt. Everest is about 19 kilometers.

Mt. Everest Tour - Brief Introduction of Mt. Everest Base Camp

Tourists make Mt. Everst tour could camp at Mt. Everest Base Camp. Tibetan style tent renting service would be available here. Besides, there are also guesthouse, simple tea house and even post office. The solar energy battery here would enlighten the dark night.

Tourists make a Mt. Everest tour by vehicles have to stop at Rongbuk Monastery. All the mountaineers and tourists had to change a carriage or trek to Mt. Everest and now all the vehicles could drive to the Mt. Everest Base Camp directly. Most of the tourists make a Mt. Everest tour would like to stay overnight at Mt. Everest Base Camp to witness its amazing sunset glow and sunrise glow.

Mt. Everest Tour – Trekking to Mt. Everest Base Camp

Mt. Everest Base Camp is located half-way between Rongbuk Monastery and the Climbers Base Camp at the foot of Rongbuk Glacier. There are two routes for tourists planning a Mt. Everest trekking tour. One takes 3-4 days while the other one needs 19-21 days. Most of the tourists would like to choose the first trekking route since the second one takes too long and trekking for such a long time is really a great challenge for tourists' physical condition.

The best season to make a Mt. Everest tour is between April and May. This period is the best season to climb up to the top of Mt. Everest. Excellent mountaineers all over the world would collect at Mt. Everest Base Camp and prepare to conquer the highest mountain above the sea level. The colorful tents looked pretty magnificent. It should be noted that April is the best time to photograph the amazing flag-cloud above Mt. Everest.

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