Hitch-hike Tips in Tibet
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Hitch-hike Tips in Tibet

Update: Mar. 4th, 2014

hitch-hike in Tibet

With breathtaking natural landscapes, Tibet is a paradise for tourists love outdoor activities. To enjoy a quite special experience on Tibet Plateau, a certain number of tourists would like to make a hitch-hike tour in Tibet. This article aims at introducing some useful hitch-hike tips in Tibet for tourists' reference.

The selection of the hitch-hike spot is quite important for tourists planning a hitch-hike tour in Tibet. It is said that the toll station is the best site for hitch-hike for all the vehicles running on the highway have to make a short stop here. Tourists willing to take a free ride are strongly suggested to stand outside the toll house and never stand in the way. It should be noted that there is no toll station in Tibet Autonomous Region, but the drivers have to stop to receive the speed limit note in certain spots. The gas/service stations along the highways are also good hitch-hike spots for tourists planning a hitch-hike trip in Tibet. Hitchhikers have enough time to ask for help from the drivers rest or refuel in the gas/service station.

Actually, there are many hitch-hikers on the highways to Nyingchi, Shigatse and Ngari from Lhasa in different seasons, and the number of hitch-hikers tops in the summer season. It is quite necessary to prepare a map with details regarding your destination while planning a hitch-hike trip in Tibet. Do some calculation on the distance between spots and collect information regarding the accommodation of the sites on the way to your destination could help you to avoid unnecessary troubles.

Memorize the vehicle license code of your destination could improve your hitch-hike success rate greatly. It is unavoidable to be declined by some drivers due to different reasons, but hitch-hikers should strengthen your faith and be patient enough. To improve the possibility of the drivers' stop, hitch-hikers could prepare a white card marked with your destination. Some kind drivers would stop forwardly if they see your card. While communicating with the drivers, it is necessary to be honest and sincere; they would always be kind to you when they understand your need. Some interesting souvenirs for the drivers would be good carrier of your thanks.

As we all known, Lhasa is the collection and distribution center for tourists travel to Tibet. Hitch-hikers traveling alone could find some tour pals in the guesthouses in Lhasa and visit the other areas together. It would be safer to travel in groups in case of any unexpected accident during this trip, but the groups should be composed of less than 2 members for there are not so many seats in a vehicle.

Tourists planning a hitch-hike trip in Tibet are strongly suggested to avoid the rainy season and the cold season. The weather is pretty changeable in the rainy season and it is too cold in the winter season. Except for the necessary clothes and first-aid kit, enough food and water should also be prepared in case you can't get a free ride in the sparsely populated regions as planned.

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