Azaleas on Sejila Mountain
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Azaleas on Sejila Mountain

Update: Jun. 11th, 2014

Azalea on Sejila Mountain

Recently, Nyingchi Weather Bureau released the flowering phase forecast of the azaleas on Sejila Mountain in 2014. According to the forecast, the azaleas on Sejila Mountain will bloom about 15 days later compared to the previous years. Tourists visiting Nyingchi around middle June will have the chance to enjoy the beautiful azaleas. For tourists have strong interest in the azaleas on Sejila Mountain, late June is the best season this year for the full-bloom stage might start in late June.

According to the continuous study and research in the bloom phase of the azaleas on Sejila Mountain, the critical temperature index of the azaleas' bloom here is 8 Celsius, which means the azaleas here would bloom when the daily average temperature here reaches 8 Celsius. When the daily average temperature on Sejila Mountain stays 9-10 Celsius, the azaleas here would be in full bloom. The azaleas on Sejila Mountain will start to wither and fall when the daily temperature here is higher than 11 Celsius.

The bloom phase of the azaleas on Sejila Mountain was put off for about 15 days compared to the previous years due to the abnormal weather climate. The rainy days and snowing days takes most time between January and April in most regions on Tibet Plateau this year. The temperature in the mountain areas rises slowly and the thermal supply required in the flower bloom is not sufficient at all. It is predicted that the azaleas on the sunny side of Sejila Mountain (with an altitude around 4200 meters) will start to bloom between middle June and early July. The azaleas on the shady side of Sejila Mountain (with an altitude about 4000 meters) would start to bloom in middle June.

It is reported that Sejila Mountain is one of the best sites to enjoy the azaleas along the Sichuan-Tibet Highway. Tourists making a self-driving tour to Lhasa along the Sichuan-Tibet Highway could enjoy 25 species of azaleas in the 50 km section around Sejila Mountain. To coordinate with the development of the local ecological tourism, the Nyingchi Weather Bureau would release the forecast of the bloom phase of the azaleas on Sejila Mountain every year. Therefore, tourists planning to pay a visit to Nyingchi could collect information regarding the azalea on the internet in advance.

Except for the primitive forest, Sejila Mountain is mostly noted for its breathtaking azalea view between June and July. The azalea here is rich in species and distribute in different corners on the mountain. It is recorded that there are totally 850 species of azaleas around the world and there are about 460 species could be found in China. Also, 170 species of azaleas could be found in Tibet, among which 25 species of azaleas distribute in different corners on Sejila Mountain.

Visitors could witness a sea of azaleas with different colors in the full-bloom season between June and early July every year. In addition, visitors could also take an overview of the magnificent Mt. Namjargbarwa at the view deck on the mountain pass with an altitude of 4728 meters.

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