Tourism Resource of Kunlun Mountains
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Tourism Resource of Kunlun Mountains

Update: Jan. 10th, 2013

Kunlun Mountain Pass

Tourism Resource of Kunlun Mountains – Kunlun Spring

Kunlun Spring with an altitude of 3700 meters is located in the center of Nachitai Town, situated on the northern bank of Kunlun River. Kunlun Spring is a natural mineral spring enjoys high reputation among tourists. Actually, there are two springs about 50 meters away from each other. The bigger one is located by Qinghai-Tibet Highway. The mouth of the spring is surrounded by a 1-meter high platform piled up with stone. The mouth of Kunlun Spring enjoys a diameter of 1.6 meters and a depth of 1 meter. The water of Kunlun Spring enjoys a constant temperature of 20? and it spills out continuously with pleasant sound.

Kunlun Spring is the largest unfrozen spring in Kunlun Mountains. The melting water of the glaciers on Kunlun Mountains penetrated into the underground and then spills out as spring. Kunlun Spring is characterized by clean, hyaline and sweet. It is even praised as "the sweet dew on the snow mountain" for it is pollution-free in the high altitude region. It is said that the water spill out from Kunlun Spring has flew under the ground for more than 20 years. The spring is of rich mineral substances, including the calcium, potassium, strontium and bicarbonate radical. Kunlun Spring is quite effective in curing or relieving the hypertension, heart diseases, arteriosclerosis and some other diseases.

Tourism Resource of Kunlun Mountains – Kunlun Mountain Pass

Kunlun Mountain Pass with an altitude of 4772 meters is located in middle Kunlun Mountains, about 160 kilometers away from Golmud City. It is an important pass on the Qinghai-Tibet Highway. Kunlun Mountain Pass has a special ecological environment with severe cold weather and thin air. The magnificent peaks, towering snow mountains and endless grassland are of great charm for tourists from other plain areas. Tourists making a Tibet tour here would especially impressed by the rugged drumlins, changeable ice piton and perpetual frozen earth. Some of the drumlins enjoy a height of more than ten meters and there is always underground flows trickling sluggishly. The height of the ice piton varies from one meter to eight meters. These ice pitons would keep rising and finally burst at its limit. Green grass decorated with colorful wild flowers would cover the large scale perpetual frozen earth on Kunlun Mountains.

Tourists making a Tibet tour through the Qinghai-Tibet Highway will have the chance to enjoy the breathtaking snow landscapes even in June at Kunlun Mountain Pass. Take an overview from the mountain pass, the high mountains with an elevation of more than 6000 meters covered with white snow will rush into your eyes. Yuxu Mountain with an altitude of more than 6500 meters is located at the east of Kunlun Mountain Pass, looked like a slim and graceful lady wearing a white and long skirt.

Tourism Resource of Kunlun Mountains – Kunlun Bridge

Kunlun Bridge, also noted as "single-step danger bridge", is located under the Kunlun Mountains in southern Golmud. It is a dangerous pass about 50 kilometers away from Golmud City on Qinghai-Tibet Highway. Kunlun Bridge is note noted for its construction. Instead, it is noted for the precipitous cliffs and deep valley under the bridge. The gorge split by the Golmud River running from the high mountains with an altitude of more than 4000 meters. It is measured that the gorge under Kunlun Bridge has a depth of more than 40 meters and it is only about 4 meters at its narrowest.

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