Legends about Bonri Mountain
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Legends about Bonri Mountain

Update: Mar. 3rd, 2013

Bonri Mountain

The Bonri Mountain, located at north side of Yarlung Zanpo River, is about 53 kilometers away from Bayi Town in Nyingchi Prefecture in Tibet. It is one of four holy mountains in Tibet. The Bonri Mountain towers into clouds. On Bonri Mountain, there are dense forest and colorful flowers in four seasons of one year. The scenery of Bonri Mountain in four seasons is different. In spring, there are colorful flowers everywhere, and spring is in the air. In summer, there are clear breeze blowing gently, drizzly rain and blooming azaleas all over the mountain. In golden autumn, the mountain is covered by red leaves, and air is with the aroma of wild fruits. It makes people linger on without any thought of leaving. In winter, the mountain is covered by white thick snow. It is as dainty and exquisite as the world of crystal. About Bonri Mountain, there are two mysterious legends.

Legends about Bonri Mountain

According to legend, the Kongpo District was the habitation of evil Qiaba Laqin. He was evil by nature. He butchered people and placed people in misery. The god of justice - Master Dunba Qinrao felt very sad after known that. He decided to punish evils and promote good, to save people from misery. Then, regardless of all consequences, he traveled to Kongpo District day and night with all possible speed by riding his lotus throne to fly over mountains and valleys. There, the Master Dunba Qinrao fought with Qiaba Laqin for 49 days and did not end the battle. At last, the Master Dunba Xinrao incanted and showed magical arts to set upright a giant mountain to suppress evil Qiaba Laqin under the mountain. Later, Master Dunba Xinrao practiced on the mountain and became immortal. The mountain which Master Dunba Xinrao suppressed evil Qiaba Laqin and practiced on is the Bonri Mountain.

Legends about Bonri Mountain

According to legend, the Padmasambhava ever competed with Aqiong Jibo who was the leader of Bon Religion in Kongpo District with magical arts when he went to Tibet to challenge Bon Religion. When reached the conjunction place of Daya River and Niyang River, Padmasambhava tried to destroy villages and trees along the river by collecting strong wind. When came across this emergency, Aqiong Jibo used giant rocks to push down these trees. Then, they fought at Gulu Village which is at the mountain foot of Bonri Mountain. The Padmasambhava intended to destroy Bonri Mountain by blocking Niyang River. But he failed since all of these solved by Aqiong Jiebo with magical arts. Thus, the Bon Religion in Kongpo District was kept. Except for Bon Religion, things were protected also include a large amount of religious custom about stone worshipping, holy bird worshipping and tree burial, as well as infinite legends and historical and cultural relics.

Except for a large amount of ancient relics, there are four well-protected monasteries of Bon Religion around Bonri Mountain. They are Jiri Monastery, Dazhuosa Monastery, Darzi Monastery and Sekya Gengqin Monastery.

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