Famous Mountain Passes in Tibet
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Famous Mountain Passes in Tibet

Update: Sep. 26th, 2013

La-ken-la Mountain Pass in Tibet

Tibet is quite noted for its high mountains. Tourists making a Tibet tour here could witness different breathtaking mountain views. As a professional Tibet tour operator, Tibet Tour would like to introduce the mostly visited three mountain passes in Tibet for tourists planning a Tibet tour, including the La-ken-la Mountain Pass, Milha Mountain Pass and Gambara Mountain Pass.

Famous Mountain Passes in Tibet – Milha Mountain Pass

Milha Mountain Pass is on the way to Nyingchi Prefecture from Lhasa. Milha Mountain is an important border mountain at Yarlung Zangbo River Valley, the landform, plants and weather in the west of Milha Mountain Pass is quite different from those in the east side. It is also the watershed of the Lhasa River drainage in the northwest of Tibet and the Niyang River drainage in southeastern Tibet. It is reported that Lhasa City located on the west of Milha Mountain Pass enjoys an inland climate (the climate here is dry and cold) while the Nyingchi Prefecture located on the east of Milha Mountain Pass enjoys a oceanic climate (the climate here is humid and warm). Tourists who've been to Nyingchi would find that the vegetation coverage rate is much higher than that in Lhasa City.

With an altitude of 5013 meters, Milha Mountain Pass has been the must-stop site for tourists making a Tibet tour to Nyingchi from Lhasa. The colorful flying prayer flags here always leave tourists deep impression. Tourists planning a Tibet tour to Nyingchi overland should note that the Milha Mountain Pass might even be snowing even in the summer. Hence, tourists are always suggested to prepare a warm coat in advance.

Famous Mountain Passes in Tibet – La-ken-la Mountain Pass

La-ken-la Mountain Pass has an altitude of 5190 meters. It is located on the way to the holy lake – Namtso Lake from Lhasa. Tourists making a Namtso Lake tour would always take a stop at La-ken-la Mountain Pass so as to take an overview of Namtso Lake. Just as Milha Mountain Pass, La-ken-la Mountain Pass is also decorated with colorful prayer flags. It should be noted that La-ken-la Mountain Pass is snowing all year around. It is necessary to bring a warm coat whenever you are planning to pay a visit to Lake Namtso. Besides, tourists should spend 2-3 days in Lhasa before heading to La-ken-la Mountain Pass which has a much higher altitude than Lhasa.

Famous Mountain Passes in Tibet – Gambara Mountain Pass

Tourists making a Tibet tour to Shannan Prefecture, Shigatse Prefecture and Ngari Prefecture will have the chance to have a close touch to Gambara Mountain Pass. With an altitude of 4990 meters, Gambara Mountain Pass is the best place to enjoy the amazing scenery of Yamdrok Yumtso. Tourists who've been to Yamdrok Lake would found the mountains around the lake are naked without any plants in the winter season. Tourists being worried about the possible high altitude sickness are not advised to stay too much at Gambara Mountain Pass. Instead, it would be a better choice to get off to the lakeside of Yamdrok Lake after taking some pictures at the mountain pass.

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