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Tibet achieved a total tourism revenue of 16.5 billion Chinese Yuan in 2013

Time:2014-01-15By: LeoSource: Tibetcn.com

Visitors in Tibet 2013

According to statistics provided by Tibet Tourism Bureau, Tibet has achieved a total tourism revenue of 16.5 billion Chinese Yuan in 2013. The tourism industry operated pretty well in 2013. The total number of visitors (including both domestic and foreign tourists) reached 12.91 million person-times in 2013 and that has increased 22 percent compared to 2012.

It is reported that about 0.223 million visitors among the 12.91 million visitors in 2013 were foreign tourists. The number of foreign visitors increased 14.5 percent compared to that of 2012 while the number of domestic visitors increased 22.1 percent compared to that of 2012. The foreign exchange earnings from tourism reached 0.12786 million dollars and that increased 21 percent compared to 2012. The revenue from domestic tourism reached 15726.33 million Chinese Yuan and that increased 31.3 percent compared to 2012. It is said that Tibet has overfulfil its annual target in tourism industry for about 4.5 percent.

Currently, there are about 233 star standard hotels in Tibet and that number has increased 12 compared to the last year. The number of star-level guesthouses increased to 698 from 640 this year. Except for the star-level hotels and guesthouses, there are 2340 ordinary units providing accommodation for visitors from different corners of the world.

It is reported that the number of visitors come to Tibet keeps increasing in recent years. The occupancy rate of the hotels and guesthouses also keeps rising. About 90 percent of the rooms in different levels of hotels in Tibet were occupied in the peak season of Tibet tour between July and October. Tourists have high demand in the accommodation condition have to make a reservation in advance in the peak season for both domestic tourists and foreign tourists having higher demand and willing to spend more in accommodation.

There are 76 A class scenic spots in Tibet. Tourists visiting different spots in different regions could enjoy quite different views. Be different from the earlier years, making a Tibet tour in winter has become more and more popular. The world famous Potala Palace looks even more magnificent under the background of the white snow. Recent years, the infrastructure and public service in Tibet were greatly improved with the increasing of the investment in tourism industry. The economy development in Tibet has reached a new level under the lead of the local tourism industry.

2014 is the year of horse according to the Tibetan Calendar, and the number of visitors will certainly increase for there is a tradition to make kora around the holy mountains and lakes in the year of horse. As we all known, there are many holy lakes and mountains on Tibet Plateau, including the Mt. Kailash, Lake Manasarovar, Namtso Lake, and Yumdrok Yumtso. For tourists planning to travel to Tibet for worshipping in 2014, the period between May and September is the best season for the climate in that period would be relatively pleasant compared to the other seasons. In addition, the air would be relatively humid during that period and the oxygen content in the air would be relatively higher.

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