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Tourism industry in Lhasa made a good start in the first quarter in 2014

Time:2014-04-29By: LeoSource: Xinhua Net

Lhasa Barkhor Street

According to statistics provided by Lhasa Tourism Bureau, the tourism industry of Lhasa City made a good start in the first quarter of 2014. Lhasa has received 0.4866 million visitors both at home and abroad, and that number increased 11.4 percent compared to the same period of last year. A total tourism revenue of 0.503 billion CNY has been achieved and that increased 12.53 percent compared to the same period of last year.

According to the deputy director of Lhasa Tourism Bureau, the tourism in Lhasa in the first quarter of 2014 has 3 main characteristics. The first one is that the self-driving tours, self-help tours, culture & history exploitation tours enjoy high reputation among tourists both at home and abroad. An increasingly number of tourists are willing to have a special trip on Tibet Plateau in winter. The second one is that the tourism atmosphere in Lhasa is more pleasant. The celebration of the Tibetan New Year Festival and some other traditional Tibetan festivals are of great attraction for visitors. The ancient Tibetan style constructions and restaurants provide Tibetan style dishes become the must-visit spots for visitors have strong interest in the daily life of local Tibetans. The third is that tours collect the Tibetan villages with breathtaking idyllic landscapes and hot springs are very popular among visitors come to Lhasa in spring.

It is reported that Lhasa City is aimed at receiving 9.2 million person-times and achieve a tourism revenue of more than 10 billion CNY. To achieve that goal, Lhasa City attached great importance in the improvement of the basic service facilities. The supporting facilities in the scenic areas in/around Lhasa will also be improved to meet the demand of visitors from different corners of the world. Tourists visiting Reting Monastery, Horkang Manor and Namtso Lake Scenic Are can enjoy better service in the scenic area. The road to Namtso Lake is open to visitors though the Namtso Lake is still frozen in early spring. At the same time, the travel agencies in Lhasa carried out a series of tourism products which integrated the air/train tickets, hotels and scenic spots to attract visitors come to Lhasa for sightseeing in winter.

To improve the tourists reception ability, Lhasa City positioned 2014 as the Tourism Service Year. It is reported that the first Tourism Souvenirs Competition in Lhasa would be held in 2014. Tourists visiting Lhasa could purchase more interesting articles in Barkhor Street. Besides, the hotels in Lhasa also offer a good discount for visitors come to Lhasa in winter and spring.

Except for Lhasa, tourists planning a Tibet tour in the first quarter of 2014 could also pay a visit to Nyingchi with lower altitude and warmer climate. The breathtaking peach blossom view is available between late March and middle April. Tourists visiting Lake Namtso, Nyingchi and Shigatse are strongly suggested to prepare a warm down jacket or wind-proof coat for there is always strong wind at the mountain passes. In addition, the sunglasses are very necessary for getting your eyes protected from the strong sunshine radiation.

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