Tibet train tickets are in large demand with the coming of the high season of Tibet tourism
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Tibet train tickets are in large demand with the coming of the high season of Tibet tourism

Time:Jun. 12th, 2014By: Source:

Tibet Train

The number of visitors entering into Tibet from different corners of the world keeps increasing with the coming of the high season of Tibet tourism. According to statistics provided by Lhasa Railway Station and Lhasa Gonggar Airport, the passenger volume increases rapidly since early June. It is reported that the demand of the train tickets to Tibet greatly exceeds the supply currently. It is even difficult to get a hard seat ticket to Tibet within the pre-sale period, but the train tickets to other domestic cities from Lhasa are in lesser demand compared to the train tickets to Lhasa. In addition, the air tickets to Tibet are in larger demand compared to the previous months and there is still some discount in the air tickets to some domestic cities from Lhasa.

The Beijing-Lhasa train tickets are in extremely large demand compared to the other cities which had opened the direct train to Lhasa. The soft berths, hard berths and even hard seats on the Beijing-Lhasa train were sold out soon once it is put on sale on the official website of the Ministry of Railway. Therefore, tourists planning to join the Tibet train tours from Beijing should book the train tickets about 18 days in advance, or it is difficult to get the ticket even this train is available everyday.

Except for Beijing, the tickets on the train to Lhasa from Guangzhou and Shanghai are also in large demand. The Guangzhou-Lhasa train tickets is in large demand in the high season for a large number of tourists from southeast Asia (such as Singaporeans and Malaysians) would prefer to make a transfer at Guangzhou. is available everyday. The Shanghai-Lhasa train is available both on the odd days and even days in the high season though it is only available on every other day in the low/shoulder season of Tibet tourism.

According to the statistics provided by Tibet Weather Bureau, the rainy season in Lhasa this year is put off compared to the last year. It is reported that the oxygen content in the air would be higher in the rainy season compared to the dry season. Visitors making a Tibet tour in the rainy season would feel more comfortable compared to the other seasons in consideration of the pleasant weather condition. Be different from the rainy season in the other regions in China, the rainy season in Lhasa is mainly characterized by frequent night rain falls. And it would always get sunny with the coming of the dawn.

It is reported that the summer in Lhasa this year will be hotter than the previous years. The temperature in Lhasa has reached 28.3 Celsius already. The highest temperature in summer appeared in June in the previous years. The sunshine radiation would be in the strongest condition between 10:00 a.m. and 16:00 p.m. Therefore, visitors making a Tibet tour in summer are strongly suggested to make enough preparation for the sun-blocking.

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