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Tourists can book the admission ticket of Potala Palace online since May 2014

Time:2014-05-19By: LeoSource: Tibetnews.cn

Potala Palace

The official website of Potala Palace is opened to visitors since May 1st 2014. In the shakedown period, the admission office of Potala Palace would put some tickets on the website for tourists planning a self-help tour in Lhasa. Actually, there is strict restriction in the daily number of visitors entering into Potala Palace between May and October. There demand of the admission tickets of Potala Palace always greatly exceeds the supply in the high season, and that situation is expected to be relieved after the official website of Potala Palace is opened to the public.

It is reported that the official site of Potala Palace will be opened to public between 9:00 a.m. and 17:00 p.m. From May 1st to October 31st. Tourists making a self-help trip in Tibet could book the admission ticket of Potala Palace on the website. The website requires visitors to register with real name and valid ID number. And each ID card could purchase 5 admission tickets at most and visitors are required to book the tickets online one week in advance.

To reduce the manmade damage to the traditional construction in Potala Palace, there are only 4000 person-times visitors are allowed to climb on Potala Palace on each day in the peak season. Tourists planning a self-help tour to Lhasa could book the admission tickets of Potala Palace on the official website from 9:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m. There is no service charge for booking the tickets on the official website. The tour groups are required to submit your tickets booking application before 12:00 and take the booking certificate at 17:00 p.m.Therefore, tourists planning to join our group tours are always suggested to book the trip in advance so as to confirm the ticket matters earlier.

The price of the admission ticket of Potala Palace increased to CNY 200 from CNY 100 with the coming of May. It is reported that the higher price would last to October 31st. Tourists making a self-help tour in Lhasa should note that service of the guide at Potala Palace would increase to 400 from 200 in the high season. In the peak season, visitors only have one hour for sightseeing in Potala Palace. Therefore, visitors are sincerely suggested to employ a local guide to introduce you the inner highlights, culture and history, or you can gain nothing after visiting this world famous palace if you are not so familiar with the Tibetan Buddhism and history.

As we all known, Potala Palace enjoys high reputation among the devout pilgrims, and visitors are strongly suggested to respect the traditions and never violet the taboos here. Picture taking is prohibited in Potala Palace.

Potala Palace is the landmark of Lhasa. It records the historical changes on Tibet Plateau. It has been a must-visit place for visitors come to Lhasa from different corners of the world. The magnificent Potala Palace is the largest and highest palatial architecture above the sea level. With a hight of 117 meters, the main building of Potala Place has 13 floors.

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