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There is 50% discount in the admission tickets of the scenic spots in Nyingchi before the coming March

Time:2013-12-19By: TiffanySource: travel.163.com

Nyingchi in spring

Nyingchi Tourism Bureau held an Introduction & Promotion Conference on the Tourism Products in Nyingchi Prefecture in Guangzhou on November 17th. This conference mainly introduces the tourism products in winter to citizens in Guangzhou. More than 60 travel agencies and 30 mainstream media in Guangzhou attended this conference.

For the promotion of the winter tourism products in Nyingchi, Nyingchi Tourism Bureau carried out a series of special offers. Generally, the period between November 1st and February 28th of the coming year is regarded as the winter tourism season. There is 50% discount in the admission tickets of the scenic spots in Nyingchi before the coming March. At the same time, the price of the hotels in different levels decreases 40-60 percent. Nyingchi Tourism Bureau also builds a motivation system to encourage the travel agencies in Guangzhou to organize more visitors to Nyingchi.

It is reported that Guangdong Province is one of the main origin markets for Nyingchi tourism. The number of visitors from Guangdong Province takes about 25 percent of the annual total number of visitors. Guangdong Province provides great help for Nyingchi Prefecture in various aspects, and tourists from Guangzhou also plays important role in the tourism development in Nyingchi. The director of Nyingchi Tourism Bureau introduces the winter & spring tourism products in Nyingchi to local travel operators and media in Guangzhou. The attendees showed great interest in the Kongpo New Year Festival and Peach Blossom Festival in Nyingchi.

Nyingchi Prefecture is located in the middle-lower reaches of Yarlung Zangbo River at southeastern Tibet. More than 10 ethnic groups live in different regions in Nyingchi, including the Monpa ethnic group and Lhoba ethnic group. Nyingchi is a famous ecological tourism center. Compared to the other regions in Tibet, Nyingchi Prefecture enjoys lower altitude, better climate and richer tourism resources. The world famous Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon is one of the most famous natural scenic spots in Nyingchi. In addition, there are beautiful snow mountains, dense forests, and magnificent waterfalls and glaciers in Nyingchi Prefecture.

Noted as the Switzerland on Tibet Plateau, Nyingchi Prefecture has been the must-visit region for tourists making a Tibet tour. The AAAA class scenic areas in Nyingchi attract a large number of visitors both at home and abroad every year. Tourists could appreciate the breathtaking lake scenery at the Baksumtso Lake and enjoy an idyllic view at Lulang Forest Sea. The famous Nanyi Valley is not opened to foreign visitors so far. Nyingchi Tourism Bureau is planning to develop Nyingchi into a Paradise for Outdoor Activities which integrates the sightseeing, relaxation, vacation, exploration and adventure.

Currently, tourism has been the pillar industry of the economy in Nyingchi Prefecture. The local government and department attached great importance in the improvement of the reception facilities recent years. Nyingchi is suitable for sightseeing all year around. Tourists willing to visit Nyingchi could choose both the air transportation and highway transportation. There are flights to Nyingchi from Chongqing, Chengdu and Lhasa.

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