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14 star standard hotels were newly increased in Lhasa

Time:2013-12-12By: TiffanySource: Lhasa Evening News

Star standard hotel in Lhasa

To further improve the tourism reception ability and speed up the hotel upgrade process, Lhasa City keeps putting great emphasis in the maintenance of the hotels. Currently, there are 2 5-star hotels and 23 4-star hotels in Lhasa (among which 8 of them are newly increased). In addition, 14 star standard hotels and 2 star standard family inns were newly increased in Lhasa. Tourists could choose different levels and styles of hotels according to your demand during the stay in Lhasa.

So far, the hotels in Lhasa vary in star standards, among which the 3-star hotels and 2-star hotels are most popular for tourists both at home and abroad. It is reported that most self-help travelers prefer to choose the family inns or economic business hotels. According to statistics provided by Tibet Tourism Bureau, with the continuous economic development and the improvement in the accommodation ability, the number of star standard hotels in Lhasa has broken through 130. This year, the number of star standard hotels in Lhasa has been more than 140.

It is reported that tourism has developed into the pillar industry of Lhasa City. To attract more visitors and provide better service for visitors, the local government keeps investing resources in the improvement of the local accommodation facilities. Compared to the same period of the last year, the reception volume of the hotels in Lhasa has increased nearly 23 percent. With the coming of the experience economy era, the survival and development of the hotels encounter with new opportunity and challenge. The relevant departments in Lhasa City bring forward rectification measures in the local travel agencies, scenic areas/spots, guides, tourism vehicles and hotels.

Be frankly, the hotels and relevant supporting facilities in Lhasa needs further advancement and improvement. Therefore, it is of great significance to apply the local folk flavors into the hotel construction. It is said that hotels decorated with typical Tibetan style decorations enjoy high reputation among abroad tourists. Therefore, Lhasa is planning to construct more hotels with Tibetan style decoration.

Currently, St. Regis Lhasa Resort is the best hotel in Lhsa. It is the first luxury international hotel in Tibet. There are only around 150 exquisitely decorated rooms and private villas in St. Regis Lhasa Resort. Therefore, tourists need to make a reservation about one month in advance, and it is even more necessary to make a reservation in advance in the peak season between July and September. In addition, Lhasa Four Points by Sheraton Hotel is also a good choice for tourists have high demand in the accommodation condition during the Tibet tour in Lhasa. The well decorated rooms and complete service facilities in this 5-star hotel enjoys high reputation among visitors.

Tourists both at home and abroad could also choose some economic 3-star hotels if you don't have too much requests in the accommodation condition. Lhasa Yak Hotel is the one of the most famous 3-star hotels among foreign tourists. Its pleasant environment, simple & clean rooms, and preferable price are of great attraction for tourists. Besides, the staffs in Lhasa Yak Hotel could speak English and visitors could communicate with the staff easily.

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