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Shigatse achieved a total tourism revenue of 0.117 billion CNY in the first quarter of 2014

Time:2014-04-30By: TiffanySource: Xinhua Net

Everest Base Camp

Shigatse Prefecture made a good start in tourism in the first quarter of 2014. Shigatse have been optimizing the tourism development environment positively since the very start of 2014. The tourism economy centered on Tourism Essences runs pretty well in the winter and spring in Shigatse. Shigatse has received 0.155 million person-times between January and March in 2014, and has reached a total tourism revenue of 0.117 billion CNY according to statistics provided by Shigatse Tourism Bureau.

According to the analysis of the director of Shigatse Tourism Bureau, several factors contribute to the good result in the first quarter of 2014 in the tourism industry in Shigatse. First of all, great importance was attached to the improvement of the basic service facilities in Shigatse City. Secondly, more emphasis were put in to the development of the scenic spots and areas in Shigatse. Thirdly, an increasing number of tourists in different corners of the world are interested in and willing to join the Tibet tours in winter and early spring. Except for the tourists come to Tibet from other regions, Tibetans living in other regions on Tibet Plateau are also willing to visit Shigatse. There is no doubt that Shigatse has been an hot destination for Tibetans willing to make short trip in Tibet. Last but not the least, the festivals in Shigatse also contribute to the good development of the tourism industry in Shigatse. It is reported that the number of visitors come to Shigatse come to Shigatse for sightseeing increased obviously during the celebration of the Tibetan New Year Festival celebrated in the winter season.

The director of Shigatse Tourism Bureau said that their overall aim in 2014 is receive 3.1 million person-times and achieve a total tourism revenue of 3 billion CNY. To achieve that goal, Shigatse Prefecture will bring forth new ideas in their tourism advertising & promotion. A series of special and fruitful tourism promotion activities will be held in the tourism industry in Shigatse. At the same time, relevant media advertising will also be adopted to expand the effects of the annual Mt. Everest Cultural Tourism Festival (which attracts a large number of adventure enthusiasts around the world)

As the most attractive natural highlight on Tibet Plateau, Mt. Everest plays important role in the tourism development in Shigatse Prefecture. Be different from the cultural sites, Mt. Everest Base Camp is not available all year around due to its high altitude and special climate. In consideration of visitors' safety, Mt. Everest Base Camp would be closed between December and February for the road might be frozen or covered with thick snow. Tourists both at home and abroad could pay a visit to Mt. Everest Base Camp and spend a night there between April and October. It should be noted that it is more likely to witness the real appearance of Mt. Everest in April, May, September and October for the visibility in these months is relatively higher compared to the rainy season between July and August.

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