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Shigatse is looking forward to attract more visitors in 2014

Time:2014-01-03By: TiffanySource: eastday.com

Shigatse View

It is reported that the total number of tourists visited Tibet in 2013 has broke through 10 million, and Tibet tourism is experiencing a blowout period. With rich tourism resources, Shigatse is looking forward to attract more visitors in 2014.

Tourism Resources in Shigatse

Tourists who've been to Shigatse Prefecture might have found Shigatse is pretty rich in tourism resources. Almost all the representative tourism resources could be found in Shigatse, including both the natural and cultural tourism resources. The ancient, resplendent and magnificent Tashilhunpo Monastery, Sharlu Monastery with outstanding architectural style, Sakya Monastery and Palkhor Monastery are of great attraction for tourists interested in the history and culture in Shigatse Prefecture. At the same time, the natural scenic spots characterized with magnificent high mountains and clear rivers also attract a large number of visitors from different corners of the world. The world famous highest mountain above the sea level – Mt. Everest is located in Shigatse Prefecture.

Transportation to Shigatse

To meet the demand of both tourists at home and abroad, relevant local departments keep put great emphasis in the improving of the transportation in Shigatse Prefecture recent years. Shigatse Peace Airport has opened direct flight to Chengdu. Tourists willing to land on Shigatse directly should note that there are four round trip flights between Shigatse and Chengdu each week in the peak season of Tibet tour. Even in the low season of Tibet tourism, there are two flights between Shigatse and Chengdu per week. In addition, the Lhasa-Shigatse Railway will be on rail in 2014. Tourists planning to start their Shigatse trip from Lhasa will have one more choice in transportation.

Accommodation in Shigatse

Widely noted as the second largest city in Tibet, Shigatse has a much better accommodation condition compared to the smaller and less developed counties and towns. A series of star standard hotels were constructed and opened to visitors successively recent years. Tourists planning to visit Shigatse could choose the hotels according to your request and budget. For tourists willing to stay overnight in the small county seats in Shigatse, there would be less choice in hotels. For instance, tourists planning to spend a night at Xegar on their way to Mt. Everest Base Camp could only rest in the local guesthouse with limited accommodation condition.

Climate in Shigatse

Except for Lhasa City, Shigatse City is also famous as a Sunshine City for it enjoys a much longer sunshine radiation compared to the cities in the other regions in the same latitude. Be different from the other regions on Tibet Plateau (such as Ngari Plateau), Shigate is suitable for sightseeing all year around. Except the road to Mt. Everest Base Camp, the roads to the other scenic spots in Shigatse are rarely influenced by the severe road condition. Tourists especially interested in the history and culture in Shigatse could pay a visit to Tashilhunpo Monastery during the annual Buddha Exhibition Festival. Tourists want to have a clear overview of the magnificent Mt. Everest Base Camp are strongly suggested to avoid July and August for the visibility would be relatively lower compared to the other months.

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