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Nyingchi advertises its tourism products vigorously

Time:2013-5-8By: LeoSource: Tibet.cn

Nyingchi in Tibet

It is reported that the construction of the 6 self-driving tour base camps in Nyingchi has started in the end of April. Nyingchi Tourism Bureau invested 20 million RMB in this construction project. This project is hopeful to be completed and put into operation in the end of October 2013.

According to relevant staff in Nyingchi Tourism Bureau, the 6 self-driving tour base camps are located in Tongmai, Beibeng, Chawalong, Lower Zay, Upper Zay and 80-meter Location of Medog Highway. It is said that all these camps enjoy fascinating natural landscapes which are of great charm for self-driving tourists. As we all known, Nyingchi is quite noted for its picturesque natural landscapes, but some breathtaking scenery are not available for tourists choosing the classic tour routes due to the limited transportation condition. The construction of the self-driving tour camps will provide great convenience for tourists planning a self-driving tour to Tibet and provide service for individual tourists joining the Tibet trekking tours or Tibet riding tours.

To attract more tourists come to Nyingchi for sightseeing, Nyingchi Tourism Bureau attached great importance in the advertising of its tourism products recent years. Except for arrange sightseeing and reservation tours for a series of groups, Nyingchi also keeps on advertising its festival tourism products. Actually, a series of special festivals attract a large quantity of visitors successfully and greatly promote the development of the tourism industry in Nyingchi.

Generally, the celebration of the Peach Blossom Festival in Nyingchi symbols the opening of the high season of Nyingchi tour every year. The picturesque peach blossom flowers over the mountains and valleys in Nyingchi attract numerous visitors and make them be reluctant to leave. The noted Milin Paeonialutea Festival also attracts a large number of tourists. The Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon Tourism Festival and the Kongpo Folk Custom Festival are the most noted ones among all the tourism festivals in Nyingchi. These tourism festivals not only provide tourists the chance to enjoy the amazing natural landscapes in Nyingchi but also offer tourists the chance to explore the special folk customs of local Tibetans.

With rich natural and cultural tourism resource, Nyingchi attracts various types of tourists both at home and abroad. Tourists interested in natural sightseeing, business tourism, conference tourism, leisure vacation tourism and self-driving tour could take Nyingchi Prefecture into their consideration. Nyingchi is definitely a wonderful choice which allows you to work and have fun in a pleasant natural environment.

According to statistics, Nyingchi Prefecture in Tibet has received 0.133 million visitors and realized a total tourism revenue of 0.11 billion RMB in the first quarter of 2013. The Baksumtso Lake, Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, Namjargbarwa Peak and the amazing glaciers have been the must-visit spots for tourists making a Tibet tour to Nyingchi. To meet the increasing demand of visitors and promote the development of Nyingchi tourism, Nyingchi Tourism Bureau attached great importance in the improvement of the basic service facilities and construction of the roads in Nyingchi. Except for the remote mountain areas with pretty complicated geographical conditions, most of the villages and scenic spots in Nyingchi are served with good conditioned roads.

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