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Tibet is planning to receive more than 15 million visitors in 2014

Time:2014-01-16By: TiffanySource: People.com.net

Tibet Tour in 2014

According to an important conference held in Tibet recently, Tibet is planning to receive more than 15 million visitors in 2014 and a total tourism revenue of 20 billion Chinese Yuan is expected to be achieved till Dec.31st, 2014. Tourists traveling to Tibet in early 2014 could explore the local folk customs from the traditional festival celebration.

It is reported that Tibet will keep on its development path in tourism which is characterized by high-end, selected and special. If the 15 Million Visitors & 20 Billion Chinese Yuan Goal in 2014 is completed, the annual number of visitors will increase 21 percent and the annual tourism revenue will increase 26 percent compared to 2013. With rich historical and natural tourism resources, Tibet keeps attaching great importance in the local tourism development in recent years. Local Tibet government has being working hard on developing the tourism industry into their mainstay industry and making it a more satisfactory modern service industry.

Be different from earlier years, Tibet tour in winter grows vigorously in recent years. The bright & warm sunshine on Tibet Plateau attract a large quantity of visitors both at home and abroad here for sightseeing in the winter season. Relevant winter tour products had been brought out to meet the demand of visitors. Tourists making a Tibet tour in winter will have the chance to enjoy an impressive Tibet view which is quite different from the summer season. According to local Tibetan guides, there is small difference in the oxygen content in the air between the winter season and the summer season. It is a fact that the air in winter is much drier than that in summer. The temperature in Lhasa could be higher than 20 Celsius under the strong sunshine in the noon.

Tourists planning to make a Tibet tour in winter should note that the climate and environment on Tibet Plateau is quite different from inland China. It is necessary to drink enough water and ensure good rest for the adaptation of the plateau environment characterized by high altitude. For tourists willing to do some outdoor activities during the Tibet tour, high altitude sickness prevention medicine, sunglasses and sun-blocking cream should be prepared in advance.

The scenic spots in Tibet keep improving their reception ability and attaching great importance in the construction of the infrastructure. The accommodation and transportation at some laggard scenic spots were greatly improved. It is said that the star standard hotels at Mt. Kailash are expected to be open to visitors in 2014. As we all known, Qinghai-Tibet Railway has been put into operation for 7 years till 2013. Tourists traveling to Tibet from different corners of the world have more choices in transportation. The direct trains and flights to Lhasa from different domestic cities had been opened successively. There are even flights to Ngari Gusna Airport, Shigatse Peace Airport, Qamdo Bangda Airport and Nyingchi Milin Airport from other domestic cities. Theses fights provide great convenience for visitors and save them a lot of time.

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