Tibetan Food – “Three Treasures” in Northern Tibet
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Tibetan Food – “Three Treasures” in Northern Tibet

Update: Jul. 5th, 2012

Tibetan Food

When you travel to Northern Tibet, except enjoy the beautiful scenery of grassland, you also can taste delicious Tibetan food with special Northern Tibet features. Among various Tibetan foods in Northern Tibet, the "stewed snow cock and cordyceps", "stewed lamb with mushroom" and "rice mixed with sapodilla plum and ghee" are praised as "Three Treasures" in Northern Tibet.

Tibetan Food – "Stewed Snow Cock and Cordyceps"

The Baqing, Biru, Nyerong and some other counties in Northern Tibet are superabundant with cordyceps and snow cock. The cordyceps is cordyceps sinensis. In the early of June in every year, when the grass looks like green carpet and wild flowers are fragrant, a kind of fungi plant about one inch tall which grow out from the grassland. Dig out the root of this fungi plant and peel it off, you will see a small thing with head, mouth and foot, that the cordycep. On the mountains of Northern Tibet, there are some snow cocks with colorful feather. This kind of snow cock, which looks like keet, is with tender meat quality and delicious taste. To stew the cordyceps and snow cock with little astragalus root. The soup is very delicious. That's one of "Three Treasures" in Northern Tibet.

Tibetan Food - "Rice Mixed with Sapodilla Plum and Ghee"

On the both banks of Heihe, places around Namtso Lak and the area of Barqing River Valley, there is a kind of plant which named "Juema" by local people, with red stem, green leaves, yellow flower and red fruit on the root segment which looks like peanut, that's the sapodilla plum in Northern Tibet. The characteristics of this plant are sweet and warm, useful for strengthening the spleen and stomach, enriching yin and nourishing kidney, with rich nutrients and low price. Using the sapodilla plum to cook porridge, it is fragrant and delicious. In every festivals or New Year's Day, or there are guests, the host will us the "rice mixed with sapodilla plum and ghee" to entertain guests. The host will first cook he rice, then mix the rice with melted ghee, white sugar and sapodilla plum, that can be ate. This kind of rice is fragrant and delicious, with rich nutrients, and welcomed by everyone. That's the second one of "Three Treasures" in Northern Tibet.

Tibetan Food – "Stewed Lamb with Mushroom"

In the rain season in every year, there are various kinds of mushroom on the grassland of Northern Tibet. To stew the clean and fresh mushroom with small piece of lamb with some spices, the taste of mushroom and lamb permeate into each other, it will have infinite aftertaste in the mouth. There is a kind of mushroom named "Saixia" is top grade mushroom. To cook this kind of mushroom with lamb, the fishy and rank smell of lamb will disappear. That's the third one of "Three Treasures" in Northern Tibet.

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