Tibetan Food – Yoghurt
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Tibetan Food – Yoghurt

Update: Jul. 5th, 2012

Tibetan Food - Yoghurt

Tibetan Food – Brief Introduction of Yoghurt

The word of "yoghurt" is very familiar for us. But the yoghurt in Tibet is different from other yoghurt. It is a very special Tibetan food especially in summer. As a special Tibetan food, Tibetan yoghurt can be divided into two kinds. The first kind is named "Darxue". It is made up from the milk which ever used to extract ghee. The other kind is named "Erxue". It is made up from the milk which did not used to extract ghee. The traditional making process of Tibetan yoghurt is to pour the yak milk into a smooth wooden bucket, and let it ferment. After a while, a bottle of native Tibetan yoghurt is done.

Tibetan Food – Special Experience of Eating Yoghurt

The herdsmen on the high plateau can company yak and sheep around the year; hence they can eat authentic yoghurt. The yoghurt contains more lactic acid, fatty acid, protease and some other nutrients than milk. Therefore, making milk into yoghurt is with higher nutritive value than milk. In Tibet, people are used to make milk into yoghurt, and then extract ghee from yoghurt. There is a difference between the yoghurt in inland of China and Tibet that the yoghurt in Tibet is denser than the yoghurt in inland of China, which must be ate with spoon. When eat yoghurt, Tibetan will throw some white sugar on the surface of yoghurt. Due to the yoghurt is very dense and cold, the white sugar will not melt in a short time. When you put a spoon of yoghurt and white sugar into mouth, you will hear the sound of white sugar in your mouth. That's the special experience of tasting yoghurt in Tibet.

Tibetan Food – Yoghurt in Shoton Festival

With the coming of Shoton Festival, almost every restaurant in Tibet will sell yoghurt. Some restaurants even specially launch yoghurt banquet, including yoghurt rice, yoghurt steamed stuffed bun, yoghurt sapodilla plum and so on. Various dishes which made up of yoghurt will appear on Tibetans meals.

At the same time, the yoghurt which made in family workshops is also very popular in Tibet. In the day of Shoton Festival, every kind of Tibet yoghurt in simple package around the Jokhang Temple will quickly sell out by visitors and local people.

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