Tibetan Food Restaurants in Lhasa – Lhasa Kitchen
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Tibetan Food Restaurants in Lhasa – Lhasa Kitchen

Update: Aug. 30th, 2012

Lhasa Kitchen

Lhasa Kitchen is one of the most noted Tibetan food restaurants in Lhasa City. It faces the Snowland Restaurant and is quite close to Jokhang Temple Square. It attracts a lot of tourists here with its Tibetan style decoration and delicious local dishes. Tourists interested in local Tibetan food and some special local dishes are highly advised to make a visit to Lhasa kitchen. Tibet Tour would like to make a brief introduction of Lhasa Kitchen so as to introduce tourists the highly recommended dishes in the restaurant.

Tibetan Food Restaurants in Lhasa – Brief Introduction of Lhasa Kitchen

Tourists making a visit to Lhasa Kitchen would find that Lhasa Kitchen presents a typical Tibetan style decoration. It is said that Lhasa Kitchen would make tourists feel in different worlds in the day and night. In the day, tourists visit here will see the yellow curtain, and colorful tablecloth. The white and red tablecloth, the red and green screen would make you realize that you are in a restaurant in Tibet since these colors could be seen in Lhasa everywhere. In the night, the soft light and music in Lhasa Kitchen would make you feel peace in mind.

Lhasa Kitchen was firstly opened in 1999. It witnessed the development of Lhasa and tourists here would experience a profound Tibetan cultural atmosphere. The price of the Tibetan dishes in Lhasa Kitchen is relatively cheap compared to the other Tibet food restaurants around Jokhang Temple. It enjoys high reputation among both local Tibetan and tourists for its local taste and special dishes which are not available in other Tibetan food restaurants.

Tibetan Food Restaurants in Lhasa – Recommended Dishes in Lhasa Kitchen

Lhasa Kitchen provides various special dishes which are hardly available in other restaurants. The spring rolls provided by Lhasa Kitchen is one of the most highly recommended dishes. The chef here could use some common food materials, such as chives, shredded pork, chopped green onion, oyster, shredded chicken, dried mushrooms, and shelled fresh shrimps to make out some special spring rolls. The spring roll provided by Lhasa Kitchen always tastes crisp and tender.

The clay noodle is a special dish explored by Lhasa Kitchen. Actually, it is a simple Tibetan food which would always be adopted as a dinner dish by the common Tibetan families. But the taste of the clay noodle has been improved by Lhasa Kitchen. Besides, the special mutton/beef sausage provided by Lhasa Kitchen is also listed as one of the must-eat dish in the restaurant. The Tibetan style pizza here also deserves a taste.

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