Cuona Lake
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Cuona Lake

Update: Sep. 20th, 2012

Cuona Lake

Cuona Lake

Cuona Lake - Location

The Cuona Lake is located in Anduo County, Nagqu Prefecture.

The Cuona Lake is the head lake of Nujiang River. The altitude of Cuona Lake is 4800 meters, and the area is about 300 square meters. It is the highest fresh water lake above the sea level in the world. The rivers and streams on south side of Tanggula Mountains will flow into Nujiang River through Cuona Lake.

Cuona Lake - Highlights

The Cuona Lake is a bright pearl on the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. Same with the Namtso Lake, it is a lake attracts many believers come to worship. According to legends, West Queen ever had bath there. In local Tibetans' hearts, Cuona Lake is a holy lake. In each Dragon Year in Tibetan calendar, tens of thousands believers from everywhere in the world will come to pay their respect to Cuona Lake. The tradition of worshiping holy lake can trace back to Han Dynasty in central plain districts.

The Cuona Lake in summer is with green and limpid water and various jumping fishes. Standing on the bank of Cuona lake to look far into the distance, the Holy Zhuoge Peak is partly hidden and partly visible. The mountain and lake set off each other, becoming one of the most famous sight spot of Anduo and Qinghai-Tibet Railway.

Cuona Lake - Animal

The Cuona Lake is located in the center of Qiangtang National Natural Reserve. It is the habitat of wild yak, equus kiang, Tibetan antelope, Mongolian gazelle, bharal, snow leopard, snow cock and large amount of wild animals. Consequently, on the vast Qingtang Pasture, you may see various wild animals at the snow mountain foot, bank of lake and river valley. It is the ideal paradise of wild animals.

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