Super Large Railway Bridge
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Super Large Railway Bridge

Update: Sep. 24th, 2012

Super large Railway Bridge

Super large Railway Bridge

Super Large Railway Bridge - Introduction

The Super Large Railway Bridge is located on the Hoh Xil where altitude is 4500 meters. This 11.7 kilometers long super large railway bridge is the largest bridge on the Qinghai-Tibet Railway and the key project of whole Qinghai-Tibet Railway, as well as the longest railway bridge which built on plateau frozen soil in the world.

The whole construction process of this super large railway bridge lasted five years. It is with the function of frozen soil tunnel and special passage for wild animals. One of the main aim of this super large railway is to offer wild animals a passage to pass through the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. It is praised as "Environment Protection Bridge". In spring and summer, herds of Tibetan antelopes will pass through this bridge.

Super Large Railway Bridge - Geography Features

The Super Large Railway Bridge is like a beautiful rainbow stretching over the foot of Kunlun Mountain. It is also on the border of Hoh Xil. The Hoh Xil is with the climate of chillness and oxygen shortage, less plants and fragile environment. At the same time, the thick frozen soil there also make the construction work of Super Large Railway Bridge more difficult. In order to solve the hard problem of plateau frozen soil and environment protection, the specialists of Qinghai-Tibet Railway Design and Construction used the method of using bridge to replace road. This method solved the problem of stable roadbed on plateau frozen soil. At the same time, there are over 1300 apertures on the Super Large Railway Bridge. That's the passage of Tibetan antelope and other wild animals.

Super Large Railway Bridge - Construction

The construction work of Super Large Railway Bridge started on April 8th, 2002. The Super Large Railway Bridge is with 2878 caisson piles and1367 abutments. The substructure concrete is 84000 cubic meters. It used 8301 tons steel products. The main project completed on October 29th, 2002. It has become a beautiful landscape on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

The Super Large Railway Bridge is located on the frozen soil part of Hoh Xil Plateau. The frozen soil there can reach over 20 meters thick, and with high ice content. In the construction process, the whole bridge used over 12000 quilts to keep the temperature of the abutments.

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