Camardo Pagodas
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Camardo Pagodas

Update: Jan. 4th, 2012

Camardo Pagodas

Camardo Pagodas is located at Qamdo Prefecture and is only about 25 kilometers away from the county seat. It is noted for its amazing natural landscapes. The towering ancient trees here made Camardo Pagodas more attractive. There is a unique small chapel hiding among the green trees and Master Padmasambhava is enshrined. Several giant prayer wheels stand on both sides of the statue of Master Padmasambhava.

Camardo Pagodas – Brief Introduction

It is said that the Camardo Pagodas was formed by 108 pagodas in the past and now there are only dozens of pagodas were reconstructed. These pagodas are of various shapes, including some towering pagodas and pagodas with a height of less than 3 meters.

There is a giant Marni pile behind the chapel of Camardo Pagodas. The Buddhism scriptures and pictures in the Marni pile are very exquisite. Qamdo Prefecture has a sophisticated landform with high mountains and deep valleys. There are distinctive dry seasons and wet seasons. The climate here is characterized by cold and the annual average temperature here is about 7?. There is also big temperature difference between day and night at Camardo Pagodas. The sunshine duration here is pretty long and the sunshine radiation is pretty strong.

The best season to tour to Camardo Pagodas is May, June and September. The mountain passes in Qamdo Prefecture would be sealed by heavy snow between November and March of the next year. There are many natural disasters in the rainy season (July and August), including debris flow and collapse.

Camardo Pagodas – Communication


There are flights opened between Lhasa and Qamdo. The direct flight between Qamdo and Chengdu is also available.


There are long-distance buses between Qamdo, Lhasa and Chengdu. Qamdo is about 1000 kilometers away from Lhasa and is more than 1200 kilometers away from Chengdu. There are also special long-distance buses for tourists. These buses would stop moving in the night and tourists could take a rest in the hotel.

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