Gyangda County in Tibet
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Gyangda County in Tibet

Update: Feb. 7th, 2013

Gyangda County

Gyangda County is located in the northeast part of Qamdo Prefecture and the east part of Tibet Autonomous Region. It covers an area of 13164.09 square kilometers. The government office is located in Gyantse town, which is approximately 228 kilometers far from Qamdo Prefecture and about 1170 kilometers far from Lhasa City. It is about 1070 kilometers far from Chengdu City.

Gyangda County in Tibet – Brief Introduction

Gyangda County is located at eastern latitude 97°15' - 98°53' and north longitude 31°- 32°36'. It lies in the northwest part of Qamdo Prefecture and the northern part of Tibet Autonomous Region. In the east, it adjoins Sichuan Province. In the north, it adjoins Qinghai Province. In the south, it adjoins Gonggye County. In the west, it adjoins Qamdo Prefecture in Tibet. It is approximately 223 kilometers far from Qamdo Town and about 1170 kilometers far from Lhasa City. Gyangda County stretches approximately 286 kilometers long from the east to the west, and about 327 kilometers long from the south to the north. It covers an area of 13000 square kilometers in total.

Gyangda County in Tibet – History

Gyangda County is rich in a very profound and age-old history. According to the historical record, human beings had lived here since ancient times. People lived together in the tribes and made a living by hunting. After the evolution year after year the chaos caused by war, Gyangda County had belonged to Tubo Dynasty since the 7th Century. Since the 6th Century, the traditional Bon Sect has been spread and developed in Gyangda County in Tibet.

Gyangda County in Tibet – Geography

Gyangda County is located in the east part of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is available among the high mountains and the deep valleys of Hengduan Mountain Range. The average elevation is approximately 3650 meters high. The lowest elevation is about 2800 meters high and the highest elevation is about 5436 meters.

Gyangda County in Tibet – Climate

The annual average temperature difference is obviously large. The annual average temperature is 4.5 ?. The maximum temperature is about 28 ? and the minimum temperature is about -15 ?. Generally speaking, the temperature of January is about -5?, and the temperature of July is about 13.2?. The frostless period lasts 60-80 days. The average daily temperature which over 5 ? lasts about 150-170 days. The average precipitation is 549 mm. The duration of sunshine is very long. The dry season and the rainy season are separated obviously. In rainy season the weather is relatively hotter. Therefore it is very good for the crop growth.

Gyangda County in Tibet – Transportation and Water Resource

There are more than 30 rivers in Gyangda County in Tibet. All of them are 2091 kilometers long in total. Gaiqu River flows into Lancang River and Reqyu River, Ziqyu River, and Doqyu River flow into Jinsha River finally.

In Gyangda County in Tibet there is one National Highway which is about 182 kilometers long. 317 National Highway is available throughout the entire region and adjoins other counties in Tibet. Besides, there is 1 county road and 7 township roads in Gyangda County.

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