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Tibet Worthy Restaurant

Update: Feb. 19th, 2014

Tibet Restaurant

It's a worthy experience to go to local restaurants during Tibet tour. Take a cup of butter tea and enjoy overlooking Potala Palace sitting at a rooftop. There are few recommended restaurants listed as below for your reference. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask us at jessie@tibettour.com.

Tibet Worthy Restaurant

Snowland Restaurant (Traditional Tibetan flavor dishes)

Snowland Restaurant is located at No. 4 of Hospital Road, Chengguan District. There is a small snack bar at the first floor of Snowland Restaurant and it tastes really good. You can eat the fried mutton chop with Nepalese chilli sauce that is one of the favorite food of foreign tourists'.

Actually Snowland Restaurant is next to Snowland Hotel. Snowland Hotel is operated by a Nepalese and decorated with Nepalese architecture style. Both of Tibetan flavor and Nepalese flavor are provided in this restaurant such as Tsampa, Highland Barley Wine, and butter tea and so on.


It is situated across from telecommunications office at the southeastern corner at Bakhor Street. As you may know, Markey-Ame is renowned for the story with Tsangyang Gyatso. Many tourists are attracted here to enjoy tasting the Tibetan flavor, Nepalese flavor, Indian flavor and western food. At night, people would like to gather in this restaurant listening music and laughing quietly. Therefore, if you are interested in relaxing in the evening, you will not miss Markey-Ame.

Also, there is a small book bar inside Markey-Ame. You can sit down there having a good time in the afternoon and enjoy reading different books from all over the world. There is one interesting "travel guide book" written by tourists themselves in different characters. You can find some useful and helpful information and other interesting stories on it, too.

Nama Sede

It is located at No. 30 of Yuto Road of Chengguan District. In Nepalese language, Nama Sede means hello. It decorates as traditional way with many red railings. The famous dish of Nama Sede is Masala Chicken with red Masala Chilli Sauce. You can not miss it.

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