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Travel to Tibet in the Best Season

Update: Feb. 19th, 2014

travel to Tibet during Tibetan New Year

Tourists planning a trip to Tibet are always wondering what is the best season for sightseeing in Tibet. There is no doubt that we will get different views from different visitors. Actually, Tibet always presents different natural views to visitors in different seasons. Besides, tourists traveling to Tibet with different purposes would also hold different view in the best time for travel to Tibet. For instance, tourists have strong interest in the flowers might hold that March is the best season for sightseeing in Nyingchi for the peach blossoms in Nyingchi are in their best state in late March.

Summer is widely regarded as the best season for travel to Tibet and the number of visitors in Tibet always tops in July and August in a year. Tourists prefer to visit Tibet in July and August for the oxygen content in the air is much higher than that in the other seasons. For tourists willing to do some trekking activities on Tibet Plateau, the period between April and May would be a better season for the weather would not be so cloudy and rainy in this season compared to the other seasons. For tourists willing to look into the original life of local Tibetans, winter is the best travel season for the monasteries in Tibet would not be crowded with visitors.

Best Season with Preferable Weather Condition

While choosing the specific time to travel to Tibet, tourists are strongly suggested to take the local weather condition into consideration. Mostly, visitors could get adapted to the plateau environment in summer or autumn. Most areas on Tibet Plateau are available between summer and autumn. In earlier years, the spots along the Xinjiang-Tibet Highway are not available for the road in the regions with high altitude would be blocked by snow in the winter season. In addition, Lake Namtso, Mt. Everest and some other spots with high altitude would also be closed to visitors in the cold season due to the severe climate and limited road condition. For tourists willing to have a clear overview of Mt. Everest and Mt. Namjagbarwa, May and September are best seasons for the visibility tops in these two months in a year.

Best Season with Lower Cost

While planning a trip, tourists have to take the tour budget into their consideration. Be frankly, the tour cost would be relatively lower in the cold season. Mostly, the period between late October and April are widely regarded as the low season of Tibet tour due to the relatively coder climate. In the low season of Tibet tour, there are certain discounts in the hotels and air tickets to Lhasa. For tourists willing to enjoy the breathtaking natural landscape along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, it is easier to get the train ticket to Tibet in the low season compared to the high season.

For tourists willing to experience the folk customs, visiting Tibet during the celebration period of the traditional festivals are pretty good choice. The Tibetan New Year Festival is the most solemn festival in winter while the Shoton Festival and Horse Racing Festival are the grandest festivals in the summer season.

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