Top 5 Restaurants in Lhasa
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Top 5 Restaurants in Lhasa

Update: Jan. 22nd, 2013


Top 5 Restaurants in Lhasa - Makye-ame

Makye-ame is situated in the southeast of Jokhang Temple at Barkhor Street. It is a small yellow house. Makye-ame is a girl's name. It is said that Makye-ame is the place where Tsangyang Gyatso meet his lover.

Makye-ame is characteristic of the cuisine flavor of Nepalese, Indian and Tibet. Also, the western-style food is provided in Makye-ame. It is very relaxing to take a cup of butter tea while enjoy the bustling scene of Barkhor Street.

Many tourists would like to leave messages on the wall in Makye-ame, some are best wishes, some are confusing questions, some are short poems, some are dairies, etc. It seems that each lost soul falls in love with the graceful and romantic feeling of Makye-ame.

In recent years, Makye-ame becomes the gathering place of many foreigners in Lhasa city.

Top 5 Restaurants in Lhasa – Ganglamedo

Ganglamedo literally means the Snow Lotus Herb in Tibetan language. There was once a film named Ganglamedo, which told a love story.

Ganglamedo is available in Beijing Eastern Road, and characteristic of Tibetan cuisine, Nepalese cuisine, Chinese cuisine, coffee and pizza. The cost of the cuisines is a little higher, but it is worthy to have a try during the whole journey.

It is 3 floors high nearby Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street. There are many oil painting arts on the wall. The mysterious art feeling of Ganglamedo attracts many artists from home and abroad.

Top 10 Restaurants in Lhasa - Plateau Restaurant

Plateau Restaurant is decorated very romantic and exotic style. It is located in the western street of Barkhor Street. It is well known for the name of "the little United Nations", as lots of people from different countries would like to spend the time here.

Plateau Restaurant is characteristic of Tibetan cuisine, western-style cuisine, and Southeast Asia cuisine.

The yoghurt with honey and the coffee taste very delicious and authentic. Both of them must be required for tourists in Plateau Restaurant.

Top 5 Restaurants in Lhasa – Tibetan Family Dinner Restaurant

Tibetan Family Dinner Restaurant is one of the famous restaurants in Lhasa city. It is surrounded by normal Tibetan houses. It is 2 floors high. The steamed stuffed bun with potato, lamb chop, sweet tea, ginseng fruit stir-fried with the coins, and mashed potato with minced meat. If you interested in a family dinner, it could be a good place for you.

Top 5 Restaurants in Lhasa – Revolution Teahouse

Revolution teahouse is one of the famous local teahouses in Lhasa city. It is located in Jiangsu Eastern Road. It is an old Tibetan house and well known in Tibet region. As it is very old, the environment may be not very good.

The Tibetan noodles and sweet tea are tourists favorite. Most people come back here to taste it. The Tibetan noodles are characteristic of the delicious soup. The soup is stewed by the yak bones and tastes wonderful. Trying the Tibetan noodles with minced yak meat and green onion is a worthy experience during Tibet tour.

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