Ngari Tour – Restaurants and Special Tibetan Delicacy in Ngari
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Ngari Tour – Restaurants and Special Tibetan Delicacy in Ngari

Update: Jan. 25th, 2013

Tibetan Blood Sausage

Ngari Tour – Restaurants in Ngari

In Ngari, it is very expensive to have meals. The price of a bowl of noodles is about 10 CNY. Since the transportation to some districts of Ngari is not very convenient, the high price is also understandable. Go along Ngari Guest House, you can find some restaurants at the crossroad. These restaurants mainly supply Sichuan Dishes. Because the altitude of Pulan County in Ngari Prefecture is relatively lower that other districts, it is with better climate. Travelers can get more vegetables there.

In Shiquanhe Town, there are several restaurants supplying Xinjiang Dishes which managed by Xinjiang People.

Ngari Tour – Special Tibetan Delicacy

When you have Ngari tour, there are several special Tibetan delicacies you should not miss, such as Jiuma, Suokang Bixi, Zhedang Guozhe, Longguo Kacha, Zhuoxue, Zhexue, Paza Gumo, Sangkang Pali, etc.

Jiuma: Jiuma is "blood sausage". It is to mix fresh blood of cow or sheep with tsamba, salt, wild onion and other spices, and then pour the fully mixed blood and tsamba into intestines of cow or sheep. At last, cook it in boiling water.

Suokang Bixi: It is the food of Dalai and Pachen. First, put a small amount of ghee in flour and fully mix them. Then, wrap some meat in dough balls. At last, fry the dough ball in ghee.

Zhedang Zheguo: First, flatten the dough and cut it into strips. Then, fry the strips in oil. After frying, mix fried strips in prepared black sugar. At last, take strips out and put into plate.

Longguo Kacha: First cook the sheep head. Then, pick meat from bones. At last, mix meat with curry, fennel, aginomoto, salt and other spices.

Zhuoxue: It is to mix cooked gingseng with yoghurt.

Zhexue: It is to eat cooked rice with yoghurt.

Xueguo Steamed Bread: "Xueguo" is potato. First cook and peel off potatoes. Then, mix potatoes with flour. After that, wrap the fried spiced ground meat in dough balls. At last, roll the dough ball in crumbs of bread and fry in ghee.

Paza Gumo: First, mix flour will warm water and pinch the flour into small dough balls. Then, cook the dough balls in boiled water. After drying the dough balls, fry them in the pot with hot ghee. At the same time, add some black sugar and milk dregs into pot and slightly mix them. This dish is with slight red color and sour and sweet taste. It is necessary food in Tibetan holidays and festivals.

Sangkang Pali: First mix flour with moderate ghee. After flattening the dough ball, cut it into loaves. At last, fry these loaves in ghee. Later, many cooks also use rape oil to fry these loaves.

Jia Bure: First dry up fresh barley. Then, use stone mill to grind the barley. After that, mix the grinded barley with the sour water after extracting ghee and milk dregs, and knead into a flat cake. Later, bake the flat cake over fire for a while, and add some white sugar, ghee on it.

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