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Tibet Travel Service - Tibet Tour Local Information

Update: Aug. 20th, 2012


Tibet covers more than 1.2 million square kilometers, accounting for one 1/8 coverage of China, and ranking the second in China. There are various complex landforms such as high and steep mountains, deep valleys, glaciers, bare rocks and gobi deserts exist in Tibet Plateau. All places in the region lie at an average altitude of more than 4,000 meters.

Tibet tour becomes more popular since Tibet Plateau is known by others more and more, the high altitude, the Mt. Everest Base Camp, Namtso, Tibet Buddhism, Tibetan life and Tibetan culture and so on. All the Tibet tour local information is provided by Tibet travel service.

Tibet Local Information Provided by Tibet Travel Service

Tibet climate tips

Tibet situates the Qinghai-Tibet plateau, the largest and highest one in the world. The average altitude is above 4000m and the average temperature is about 8?. In Tibet, the air is thin, the sunlight is very strong, the temperature is low and the rainfall is little. The temperature of Tibet is extreme different in day and night. The best time to travel to Tibet is from May to October with the comfortable temperature, about 9?-28?.

Tibet transportation tips

There are few public bus in Tibet. There are almost all buses provided by Tibet travel agency service. Actually, foreign tourists don't need to worry much about Tibet transportation, as Tibet travel agency service will provide the vehicle for you.

Tibet hotel tips

In Lhasa and Shigatse, the hotels could be divided into 3,4, or 5. But all of them could not be compared with them in Beijing or Shanghai. In some remote areas of Tibet, there are only guesthouses or tent as the limited local accommodation condition.

Tibet Telecommunication

The signal is better at places around Lhasa, but it is not really good in remote areas.

Tibet food

Tibetan food is representative of mutton, beef, zanba, Tibetan butter tea and barley wine. The Tibetan butter tea, dairy products, mutton and beef are beneficial to prevent high altitude sickness and acute mountain sickness.

Tibet special local product

Tibet special local products have saffron crocus, cordyceps sinensis, Saussurea involucrata, as well as national clothes, jewel and traditional handcrafts.

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