Tibet Train Tours – Historical Sites in Shannan Prefecture
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Tibet Train Tours – Historical Sites in Shannan Prefecture

Update: Nov. 1st, 2012

Tibet Train Tours – Historical Sites in Shannan Prefecture

Tsedang in Shannan Prefecture is regarded as the cradle-land of Tibet culture. Most of the tourists would like to make a visit to Shannan so as to explore the history and culture of Tibet, so as the tourists join the Tibet train tours.

There are many historical and cultural spots in Shannan, among which Trandruk Monastery, Samye Monastery, Mindroling Monastery, Yumbu Lakhang and Tombs of Tibetan Kings are most noted ones.

Tibet Train Tours – Samye Monastery in Shannan Prefecture

Samye Monastery has been one of the must-go places for tourists join the Tibet train tours. Samye Monastery is said to be the first monastery of Tibet. It is the oldest monastery in Tibet with a history of more than 1000 years. Samye Monastery has been praised as one of the oldest library which stored the ancient culture of Tibet for its rich and precious relics, including the historical and religious documents, various statues and murals. Make a visit to Samye Monastery, tourists join the Tibet Train Tours could have the chance to witness the most magnificent and splendid building during the reign of Tubo Kingdom.

Tibet Train Tours – Trandruk Monastery in Shannan Prefecture

Trandruk Monastery is one of the first series of monasteries built during the reign of Tubo Kingdom. It is widely known around Tibet for its special bronze bell. Besides, tourists planning to join the Tibet train tours here could witness the precious Thangkas collected in the monastery. It is said that Songtsen Gampo and Princess Wencheng came to live in Trandruk Monastery frequently. The willow trees here would also leave tourists deep ompression.

Tibet Train Tours – Yumbu Lakhang in Shannan Prefecture

Yumbu Lakhang is the first palace in the history of Tibet and also one of the oldest constructions in Tibet. It was changed to a monastery from palace during the regime of Songtsen Gambo. There are also precious Buddhism sculptures and classics, as well as vivid murals presenting the stories related to Buddha. Tourists join the Tibet train tours could make a visit to Yumbu Lakhang to witness the appearance of the palace of the first Tibetan King.

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