Dining Coach on Tibet Train
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Dining Coach on Tibet Train

Update: Sep. 16th, 2013

Dining Coach on Tibet Train

Tibet train has been the choice for an increasingly number of tourists planning a Tibet tour via domestic cities in China. Tourists who've joined the Tibet train tours said that Tibet train not only cuts down their budget in transportation but also provide them the chance to appreciate the fascinating natural landscapes along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. Generally, passengers have to spend dozens hours on the train before the train arrives in Lhasa Railway Station, that requires tourists to pay necessary attention to the basic facilities on Tibet train. As a professional Tibet tour operator, Tibet Tour would like to provide detailed information regarding the dining coach on Tibet train for tourists willing to join the Tibet train tours in the near future.

Dining Coach on Tibet Train – Brief Introduction

Take a look of the Tibet trains start from different domestic cities, passengers would find that the dining coach always locates next to the soft-berth cabin. There is a small kitchen in the dining coach. It provides meals for passengers on the train. Generally, the stewards in the dining coach would put the food into boxes and bring to passengers' seat or berth when it is time for breakfast, lunch or dinner. For tourists be fond of some special food, it is a better choice to pay a visit to the dinning coach in person and enjoy the food in the dinning coach (there are seats and tables in the dinning coach). It must be a very pleasant experience to have a delicious meal while enjoying the wonderful plateau landscape through the window.

Dining Coach on Tibet Train – Breakfast

For breakfast, the dinning coach provides simple Chinese style breakfast (pickles, eggs, steamed buns, etc.) and western style breakfast (milk, bread, etc.) passengers on Tibet train. Though there are only limited choices, the simple food could provide the necessary nutrients for passengers. For tourists be fond of noodles, there are noodle with beef and noodle with vegetables for passengers' reference. In addition, to meet the demand of Tibetan passengers, the dinning coach on Tibet train also provides Tibetan style dishes.

Dining Coach on Tibet Train – Lunch & Dinner

For lunch and dinner, the stewards in the dining coach would put the food in a handcart and move through the coaches on Tibet train. Carry the food to passengers through a handcart has been an ancient tradition on the trains in China for there is only limited room in the dinning coach and it must be out of work if all the passengers rush to the dining cabin at the lunch/dinner time. Generally, it is around CNY25 per meal. Meat and fresh vegetables are always included in the meal.

The dining coach on Tibet train also serves tea and coffee for passengers during the non-meal time. To make their long train journey more interesting, tourists making a Tibet tour by train could also invite their partners to have a cup of coffee/tea in the dinning coach and playing cards or chess to spend the time. For tourists have high demand in food and meals, it would be the best choice to prepare some food and beverage before boarding on the Tibet train.

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