Tourist-dedicated Train to Tibet
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Tourist-dedicated Train to Tibet

Update: Mar. 10th, 2014

tourist-dedicated train to Tibet

The train has been the main means of transportation to Tibet since the Qinghai-Tibet Railway was put into operation in 2006. The direct trains to Lhasa from a series of domestic cities had been opened successively. Tourists planing a Tibet tour by train could board on the train to Tibet directly from Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Lanzhou and Xining. In addition, several tourist-dedicated trains to Tibet would be opened to relieve the burden of the direct trains and flights to Tibet during the peak season of Tibet tour between May and October.

Tourist-dedicated Train to Tibet from Shijiazhuang

According to Shijiazhuang Tourism Bureau, the tourist-dedicated train between Shijiazhuang and Lhasa will be opened in the coming May. As an important transportation junction, Shijiazhuang is a great transfer station for tourists in different cities in China. It is pretty convenient to get to Shijiazhuang from other domestic cities by air or by train. Besides, Shijiazhuang is very close to Beijing (one of the most popular transit cities for Tibet tour), and tourists planning to enter into Tibet from Beijing by train could choose to travel to Tibet by train from Shijiazhuang if you can't get the Beijing-Lhasa train ticket.

Tibet keeps attracting an increasing number of visitors from different corners of the world recent years. To appreciate the fascinating natural landscape along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, a large quantity of tourists would like to join the Tibet train tours. But it is difficult to get a train ticket to Tibet in the high season for limited number of trains to Lhasa and limited seats on the trains. The direct train to Lhasa from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are available everyday, but the Tibet trains set out from Chongqing and Chengdu are only available on every other day.

It is reported that the tourist-dedicated train between Shijiazhuang and Lhasa will be opened to passengers between May 19th and May 28th. The specific departure date and number of trains will be decided according to the number of visitors participating in the Shijiazhuang-Lhasa train tour. To ensure a seat on this train, tourists planning to travel to Lhasa from Shijiazhuang are sincerely suggested to book this trip with the travel agency in advance. Generally, tourists could book the train tickets on the official website of Ministry of Railways about 15 days in advance of your departure date. While booking the train tickets, foreign tourists are required to fill in the accurate information of your passport, and the original copy of your passport is required while exchanging the paper ticket from the wickets.

Tourist-dedicated Train to Tibet from Xining

Shijiazhuang is not the only city which opened the tourists-dedicated train to Tibet. Last year, both Qingdao in Shandong Province and Xining in Qinghai Province opened the tourist-dedicated train to Lhasa. Among all the cities opened the direct train to Tibet, Xining is the closest one. It takes only about 24 hours to get to Lhasa from Xining by train. The Xining-Lhasa tourist-dedicated train provides great convenience for tourists have strong interest in the Qinghai-Tibet Railway.

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