Tips for Booking the Guangzhou-Lhasa Train Ticket
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Tips for Booking the Guangzhou-Lhasa Train Ticket

Update: Aug. 26th, 2013

Train Station in Lhasa

Tips for Booking the Guangzhou-Lhasa Train Ticket

The direct train between Guangzhou and Lhasa was open to tourists on Oct.1st, 2006. Domestic tourists in Guangdong Province and overseas tourists take a transfer at Guangzhou would like to take the Guangzhou-Lhasa train directly so as to enjoy the fascinating natural landscapes along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. The Guangzhou-Lhasa ticket, especially the soft berth ticket is always in large demand in the shoulder season and high season of Tibet tour between April and October. As a professional Tibet tour operator, Tibet Tour would like to provide some tips for booking the Guangzhou-Lhasa train ticket for tourists' reference.

Tourists join the Tibet train tours have to transfer to the special train provides oxygen from the ordinary trains in Xining since July 1st, 2012. To ensure the safety of passengers, there would be oxygen supply in the cabin on the Tibet trains between Golmud and Lhasa. Passengers taking the Guangzhou-Lhasa train will get a boarding card of the "aerobic train" once you arrive in Xining. The Guangzhou-Lhasa train was only available every other day at the very first. Currently, it is available every day.

The following is the detailed timetable of the Guangzhou-Lhasa train:

Station Station Name Date Arrival Departure Dwell Time Mileage Hard Seat Hard Berth
1 Guangzhou -- Starting Station 12:12 -- 0 -- --
2 Binzhou 1st day 15:47 15:49 2 mins 374 km CNY 53.5 CNY99.5/104.5/107.5
3 Changsha 1st day 19:14 19:20 6 mins 707 km CNY98 CNY171/176/182
4 Wuchang 1st day 22:34 22:46 12 mins 1069 km CNY138.5 CNY238.5/246.5/255.5
5 Zhengzhou 2nd day 03:43 03:56 13 mins 1605 km CNY192 CNY328/339/351
6 XiAn 2nd day 09:54 10:09 15 mins 2116 km CNY236 CNY399/414/428
7 Lanzhou 2nd day 16:37 16:52 15 mins 2792 km CNY290.5 CNY491.5/507.5/525.5
8 Xining 2nd day 19:25 19:45 20 mins 3020 km CNY302.5 CNY513.5/531.5/549.5
9 Golmud 3rd day 04:58 05:18 20 mins 3838 km CNY365 CNY615/638/660
10 Nagqu 3rd day 14:51 14:59 8 mins 4658 km CNY423.5 CNY796.5/821.5/847.5
11 Lhasa 3rd day 19:20 Terminal station -- 4980 km CNY447 CNY865/892/919

Tips for Taking the Guangzhou-Lhasa Train

For tourists making a Guangzhou-Lhasa train tour, it is necessary to collect some information regarding the railway stations in Guangzhou so as to avoid any unnecessary troubles. There are three passenger railway stations in Guangzhou. The trains between Guangzhou and Beijing, Zhuhai, Shenzhen and Wuhan are in the Guangzhou Railway Station. Tourists join the Tibet train tours from Guangzhou are strongly suggested to get clear information regarding the departure station of the Guangzhou-Lhasa train so as to avoid missing your train by mistaking the railway station. Generally, it is a good choice to get to the railway station about 2 hours in advance.

It takes about 55 hours to get to Lhasa from Guangzhou by train. Tourists are strongly suggested to prepare some favorite food and beverage in advance because there are fewer choices on the train. There is a dinning cabin on the Guangzhou-Lhasa train, some simple Chinese dishes are available, but the price is relatively higher. It is also a good choice to prepare some fresh fruits to provide the necessary vitamins for you.

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