Tibet Tour from Shangri-La – Feilai Monastery
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Tibet Tour from Shangri-La – Feilai Monastery

Update: Nov. 23rd, 2012

Feilai Monastery

Tibet Tour from Shangri-La – Introduction of Feilai Monastery

The Feila Monastery is named "Naka Tashi" in Tibetan language. It is about 3 kilometers away from the White Scripture Hall and about 8 kilometers away from Deqen. According to legends, a statue of Sakyamuni ever flied there from Tibet. Hence, people built a monastery there and named it "Feilai (Flying) Monastery".

In the main hall of Feilai Monastery, there are statues of Snow Mountain God, Padmasambhava and "Wojue Naka Tashi Buddha". On the three walls of the hall, there are colorful and splendid frescos with the content of Tsongkhapa who is the founder of Gelug Sect, Sakyamuni, Eleven-faced Avalokitesvara, Chakrasamvara, the founder of Feilai Monastery, and the portraits of several living Buddhas in Deqen Monastery and several monasteries in Ganzi, Sichuan. Since the frescos in the hall were painted in Ming Dynasty, they are with high value. The statue of Kagebo Riding Horse enshrined in the hall is very vivid. On the side of main hall, there are scripture hall and platform for burning incense. If you visit Feilai Monastery in your Tibet tour from Shangri-La, you not only can feel the strong religious atmosphere, but also can appreciate wonderful fresco works.

The place where is about hundreds meters away from west of Feilai Monastery is the best spot to view Meili Snow Mountain. There is a Buddhism pagoda which built to commemorate the visiting of tenth Panchen. This spot is facing with Karwa Gebo Mountain. In order to provide service to travelers, there is a pavilion with telescope in it. The viewing platform in Feilai Monastery is the best point to shoot the panoramic of Meli Snow Mountain. From south to north, you can view Miancimu Peak, Jiwa Renan Peak, Butiao Songjiewuxue Peak, Kagebo Peak, Mabingzhalawangdui Peak, Nairidingka Peak, and Cuguilaka Peak. In front of the viewing platform, there is a Buddha Pagoda which can be regarded as nearby view. When the first ray of sunshine dye the mountain top pink, it is the best time to shoot.

Tibet Tour from Shangri-La – Tips of Visiting Feilai Mountain

Entrance Ticket: 20 CNY per person

Transportation: The bus from Deqen to Mingyong Village will stop at the Feilai Monastery. The departure time of this bus is about 16:30 in the afternoon. You also can charter car from Deqen county town. The cost of chartered car from Deqen county town to Feilai Monastery is about 30 CNY. The whole journey will spend about 20 minutes.

Local Special Products: ethnic costume, Tibetan handicrafts, Tibetan wooden products, Tibetan incense, cordyceps, Tibetan saffron, etc.

Festival: the annual traditional festival – "February 8th" will be held on October 8th in Lunar Calendar. It is the best place to know more about Naxi Dongba Culture.

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