Tibet Tour from Shangri-La – Dances in Shangri-La
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Tibet Tour from Shangri-La – Dances in Shangri-La

Update: Nov. 23rd, 2012

Guozhuang Dance

Shangri-La is the land of song and dance. It is regarded as "holy place" by music world. The Tibetan Zhongdian Guozhuang Dance, Vixitacheng Reba Dance, Deqen Xianzi Dance and Duijiao Dance of Lisu Nationality are full of strong national characteristics. Furthermore, Tibetan Danba Dance is full of religious color. If you have opportunity to enjoy these distinctive dances in your Tibet tour from Shangri-La, it will be a wonderful and unforgettable experience.

Tibet Tour from Shangri-La – Guozhuang Dance in Shangri-La

Guozhuang is also named "Guozhuo", "Gezhuang" or "Zhuo". It is one of three Tibetan folk dances.

When dancing Guozhuang, females and males will stand on the two sides of circle separately with hand in hand. There is one leader in each group. The males and females will ask and answer in turn. The Guozhuang Dance is unaccompanied. The rhythm of this dance is from slow to fast. The dancers change postures by lifting up and swing arms. The team formation will be processed in clockwise, and the circle can be big or small.

Tibet Tour from Shangri-La – Reba Dance in Shangri-La

According to legends, the Reba Dance appeared in 11th century. It was created by the second founder of Kargyu Sect of Tibetan Buddhism – Mila Ruiba. It is a kind of dance performed by Tibetan "Reba" artists. In general, the performance unit is a family. The Reba Dance is a kind of comprehensive art integrating timbrel, rap, Xie (song and dance), acrobatics, qigong, Reba play, etc. It has fixed system, consisting of 12 programs. The whole performance of Reba will last 5 hours.

The dance in Reba pays more attention to the beautiful postures, with acrobatics, Wushu and other skills.

Tibet Tour from Shangri-La – Xianzi Dance in Shangri-La

Xianzi Dance is named "Guoxie" in Tibetan language. It is a kind of necessary dance in Tibetan life. The "Xianzi" is a kind of dance music which accompanied with huqin (a kind of two-stringed bowed instrument). There is no fixed place to dance Xianzi. In Festivals, important days and grand gathering meeting, people will gather together. Men will play Xianzi while women are dancing with long sleeves.

Tibet Tour from Shangri-La – Duijiao Dance in Shangri-La

Duijiao Dance is a kind of dance focusing on the actions of feet. It was danced in festivals, wedding ceremony and funeral. After liberation, it developed into a mass dance and got the favor of youth. There is no accompaniment and songs when dance. People will dance with regular and powerful step sound and tacit rhythm in heart, and make the sound of "Chi, Ni, Suo, Er (one, two , three, four)" to unify steps.

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