Tibet Tour from Shangri-La – Pudacuo National Park
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Tibet Tour from Shangri-La – Pudacuo National Park

Update: Nov. 23rd, 2012

Pudacuo National Park

Tibet Tour from Shangri-La – Brief Introduction of Pudacuo National Park

Pudacuo National Park is about 22 kilometers away from the east of Shangri-La County. It consists of Bitahai Lake and Shudu Lake ecological tourist areas. In the Pudacuo National Park, there are alpine lake which is as clean as mirror, pasture with lush waterweeds, wetland with blooming flowers and original forest with various animals. The Shudu Lake and Bitahu Lake, which are beautiful fresh-water lakes, have the reputation of "Pearl on Plateau". They abound in Shudu Schizothorax and Bita Lip fish which are tasty. On the pasture, the sound of bell on horse neck and the smoke from chimney is so harmonious with surrounding environment. The woods in original forest are in various postures. Furthermore, there are several fault scarps, forest streams, ravines and some special landscapes in the national park. Hence, the Pudacuo National Park is with high geographical science value and tourism value. As well-know sight spot in Shangri-La, the Pudacuo National Park is worthy visiting in your Tibet tour from Shangri-La.

Tibet Tour from Shangri-La – Transportation to Pudacuo National Park

There is bus from Shangri-La to Shuangqiao will stop at the Pudacuo Scenic Area. The departure time of this bus at Shangri-La is 09:30. It will go back from Shuangqiao at 16:00. The price of bus ticket is 15 CNY.

In addition, it is very convenience to charter car. The cost of chartered car is about 150 CNY for round trip and about 100 for one way. At the entrance of the ancient town, there are many taxis. If you would like to share the taxi with others, the cost is about 55 CNY per person.

When you visit the Bitahai Lake, you can take boat to enjoy the beautiful scenery of whole lake. The cost of boat is about 30 CNY.

Tibet Tour from Shangri-La – Tips of Visiting Pudacuo National Park

Entrance Ticket: 190 CNY; 120 CNY (Student Ticket)

Available Time: 8:00 – 16:00 (From November to March); 08:00-17:00 (From April to October)

Visiting Hours: six to eight hours

Website: http://www.puda-cuo.com

Address: Shangqiao, Shangri-La, Qiqing

Tel: 0887-8224338

Note: There are booths providing down coat renting service at the entrance of the Pudacuo National Park.

Since the altitude of highest place in Pudacuo National Park is over 4000 meters, you are suggested to buy the oxygen based on your own condition. If you did not appear symptoms of high altitude sickness in Shangri-La county town, you can do not buy or prepare one with others.

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