Tibet - One of the Best Summer Resorts in China
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Tibet - One of the Best Summer Resorts in China

Update: Jul. 17th, 2013

Lake Namtso

With unique snow mountains and well-preserved primitive forests, Tibet has been selected as one of the best summer resorts in China. With special climate condition and distinctive natural scenery, Tibet Plateau has been widely regarded as a natural museum and green gene bank. The largest and deepest canyon in the world - Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon is located in southeastern Tibet. The endless green grassland, running Tibetan antelopes and wild yaks are all of great attraction for tourists coming to Tibet to spend their summer holiday from different corners of the world.

As the capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region, Lhasa enjoys an average altitude of 22.9 Celsius in summer. Tourists planning a Tibet tour should note that summer is the best season for sightseeing in Tibet since the natural landscapes are in their best state during this period. It is reported that the oxygen content in the air is much higher in summer compared to that in winter season. Lhasa has been selected as one of the best domestic summer resorts. Though the sunshine ultraviolet would be very strong during the daytime in Lhasa, visitors would feel very comfortable if you get a sun bonnet and use some sun-blocking cream. The climate in Lhasa is extremely pleasant in the morning and evening in Lhasa.

Except for Lhasa, Namtso Lake is also a good place for taking a summer holiday. The temperature at Namtso Lake is only about 20 Celsius in summer and the water in the lake still very cold. A large number of tourists would like to spend a night at Namtso Lake to enjoy the amazing sunset view and the fascinating starry sky. Besides, the sunrise view here also leaves visitors deep impression. It should be noted Namtso Lake enjoys a much higher altitude compared to Lhasa. Tourists are strongly suggested to spend 2 days in Lhasa for acclimation before heading to Namtso Lake. In addition, the lodging condition at Namtso Lake is pretty limited and tourists are strongly suggested to prepare a sleeping bag in advance.

It takes about 5 hours driving to get to Namtso Lake, which is about 250 kilometers away from Lhasa. Namtso Lake has been regarded as one of the must-visit scenic spots for tourists interested in the natural landscapes in Tibet. Tourists planning a Tibet tour in the summer of 2013 should note that annual Shoton Festival will be celebrated on August 6th. Grand and solemn Buddha exhibition ceremony will be held in Drepung Monastery. In addition, the annual Horse Racing Festival in Ngaqu Prefecture will be celebrated on August 10th this summer. That means tourists making a Tibet tour in early August will have the chance to experience the special festal atmosphere in Lhasa and Nagqu.

The temperature at Mt. Everest Base Camp is even lower than the other regions in Tibet for its high altitude. Tourists planning to visit the Base Camp should prepare a jacket to cope with the cold in the night. It must be a lifetime memory to spend a night in the tent under the starry sky above Mt. Everest Base Camp.

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