Shannan Tour – Tips of Visiting Yamdrok Lake
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Shannan Tour – Tips of Visiting Yamdrok Lake

Update: Dec. 11th, 2012

Yamdrok Lake

Yamdrok Lake is the largest inland lake on north Piedmont of the Himalayas. It means "green jade lake" in Tibetan language. It is located between Nagarze County and Gonggar County in Shannan. The area of Yamdrok Lake is 638 square meters. It is at the altitude of 4441 meters. The lake shoreline of Yamdrok Lake is as long as 250 kilometers. The Yamdrok Lake is with many braches which looks like branches of coral. The water of Yamdrok Lake is as blue as sky. The scenery of Yamdrok Lake is very beautiful, including snow mountain, glacier, island, grassland, farm and hot spring and other landscapes. It is a sight spot you should not miss in Shannan tour.

Shannan Tour – Route to Yamdrok Lake

The Yamdrok Lake is located between Nagarze County and Gonggar County in Shannan. It is about 170 kilometers away from Lhasa. If you start Shannan tour from Lhasa, you can go toward Gonggar, and turn right after crossing Garla Mountain Tunnel. After crossing over Gambarak Mountain Pass, the Yamdrok Lake is in your view.

Shannan Tour – Transportation to Yamdrok Lake

Since the new road from Lhasa to Shigatse has put into operation, the scheduled buses which running on old road (from Lhasa to Shigatse via Yamdrok Lake and Gyantse) has canceled. Consequently, you are suggested to charter vehicle from Lhasa to Yamdrok Lake or from Shigatse to Yamdrok Lake.

Shannan Tour – Entrance Ticket of Yamdrok Lake

The price of entrance ticket of Yamdrok Lake is 40 CNY. In general, you do not need to stop at the ticket office on the mountain top if you go there by chartered car. You are suggested to go down to the mountain waist. There is a free best angle to photograph Yamdrok Lake.

Shannan Tour – Sightseeing of Yamdrok Lake

Comparing with spring and summer, autumn and winter are the best season of visiting Yamdrok Lake. In autumn and winter, there is no rain. At the same time, various migrant birds will spend winter at Yamdrok Lake. Hence, the scenery of Yamdrok in this season is more beautiful.

Many travelers would like to ask the driver to drive to lakeside of Yamdrok Lake because they think the scenery of Yamdrok Lake will be more beautiful if look it closer. But practice proved that the most beautiful scene of Yamdrok Lake is to view from the Mountain waist.

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