Q&A of Traveling from Singapore to Tibet
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Q&A of Traveling from Singapore to Tibet

Update: Nov. 6th, 2012

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Tibet Tour collected a series of most commonly asked questions and answers related to Tibet tour for tourists planning a trip from Singapore to Tibet. The notes and solutions for the possible problems during the journey must be helpful for tourists.

Do I need to do special exercise before travel to Tibet?

Tourists planning to travel from Singapore to Tibet are highly advised to take a careful physical examination so as to check whether you've caught severe cardiopulmonary diseases since tourists got certain diseases are not suitable to travel to Tibet. Tourists are not suggested to do some special exercise before the trip and you should stop your physical training about 15 days in advance if physical exercise has always been a part of your daily life. The experts hold that exercised body would increase your oxygen consumption and add more burdens to your heart when you arrive in Tibet with a high elevation.

Can I go to Tibet if I catch a cold?

The cold always destroyed people's physical function and resistance. Tourists planning to travel from Singapore to Tibet should note that you are not suitable to go to Tibet before your cold symptoms get cured completely. The cold symptoms might easily cause a series of severe altitude sickness, such as the pulmonary edema – a bad altitude disease which threatens your life. If you catch a cold during the Tibet tour, you are highly suggested to cure it as soon as possible. Some commonly used medicines effective in dealing with the cold symptoms should be taken into your package. There are a lot of experienced doctors in Tibet know how to help you get rid of the cold.

Is it convenient to take a bath during the Tibet tour?

It is pretty convenient for tourists to take a bath in the relatively advanced regions in Tibet, such as Lhasa, Shigatsem Gyantse, Tsedang and Nyingchi. There independent rest rooms equipped with hot-water supply facilities are available in the standard hotels in the cities and towns. Tourists planning to travel to Singapore to Tibet are not advised to take a bath during the first period on Tibet Plateau so as to avoid catching a cold or anoxia. You can take a bath after you get well adapted to the plateau environment.

Enter into Tibet by train or by air, which one is better?

Tourists planning to make a Tibet tour from Singapore have to take a transfer via some domestic cities, such as Chongqing, Shanghai or Xi'an. Some of the tourists hold that enter into Tibet by train offers tourists the chance to get adapted to the plateau environment gradually. Actually, the oxygen supply between Golmud and Lhasa is available and the anoxia would not appear before you arrive in Lhasa. But the amazing natural landscape along Qinghai-Tibet Railway is really impressive. Tourists are highly advised to enter into Tibet by air during the peak season of Tibet tour since the train tickets demand always greatly exceeds the supply.

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