Must-visit Highlight in Low Season of Tibet Tour
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Must-visit Highlight in Low Season of Tibet Tour

Update: Aug. 12th, 2012


Winter is the low season of Tibet tour, which it has special charm different from other seasons. In winter, many districts in Tibet become more charming for the snow, are more close to the romantic charm of Tibet snow-covered plateau. The snow-covered Potala Palace integrates with the grand snow mountain; the outdoor hot spring with snow falling down let tourists feel romantic and leisurely; and the Tibetan New Year Festival in Nyingchi will let you come to the deepest part of Tibetan human charm.

Must-visit Highlight in Low Season of Tibet Tour – The "Sunshine City"

Lhasa is located in the river valley region in central Tibet. The annual sunshine duration of Lhasa reached 3000 hours, and it is famous "Sunshine City" in the world. Hence, Lhasa becomes the first choice of Tibet tour in low season. Because Lhasa in winter is with more sunny days, many foreign tourists would like to explore Lhasa in winter to enjoy the sunshine near to the sun. Lhasa in winter is different from other seasons. It become a city which more suitable for living in but not traveling. With the completion of Qinghai-Tibet Railway, more and more tourists would like to travel to Tibet to enjoy the sunshine in low season of Tibet tour.

Must-visit Highlight in Low Season of Tibet Tour – Yampachen

It will be how wonderful if enjoy the comfortable hot spring at the Yampachen while seeing the snow-covered Nyenchen Tanglha at far and feeling the falling down snow. The hot-gas in the basin where Yampachen located in combines with the cold-gas on plate, forming splendid natural landscape. When weather is fine, a giant vapor pillar rising up from the group, penetrating into the sky can be seen. At the deep part of clean lake, the rolling hot underflow also can be seen.

Must-visit Highlight in Low Season of Tibet Tour – New Year Festival in Nyingchi

Nyingchi always praised as "South of River in Tibet". The winter of Nyingchi is the most gentle and charming part of Tibet. At the 3000 meters altitude, you will not feel the high altitude sickness. The Nyingchi in winter presents a kind of quiet beauty. The New Year Festival in Gongbu District is one of the most important festival in Nyingchi. In the festival, Tibetans will bring offerings and barley wine to their fields to sacrifice harvest god. They will sing songs, dance to ask for the blessing of harvest god.

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