Popular Routes in Low Season of Tibet Tour
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Popular Routes in Low Season of Tibet Tour

Update: Aug. 12th, 2012

Scenery in Nyingchi

The special geological environment of Tibet created various landscapes in Tibet. Tibet in every season has its special landscapes. Due to the special climate of Tibet, winter is regarded as the low season of Tibet tour. But the most beautiful scenery of Tibet is in winter, because you can see different scenery in winter which can not be seen in summer.

Popular Routes in Low Season of Tibet Tour – Route of Lhasa - Zham Port

This route is traditional golden route of Tibet tour. In this route, there are the second largest city of Tibet – Shigatse and the golden roof of Tashihunpo Monastery and Palace of Pachen in this city, the river valley scenery of the conjunction of Yarlung Zangpo River and Nienchu River, exquisite murals, Thangka in ancient Sakya Monastery, as well as continuous snow mountains.

Popular Routes in Low Season of Tibet Tour – Route of Lhasa- Gyantze – Shigatse – Lhasa

This is a circle route. This route will pass by the Qushi Bridge over the Yarlung Zangpo River, climb up the Gangbala Mountain Pass and face the beautiful Yamdrok Lake.

When reach ancient Gyantse, we will visit the relics of anti-British – Zongshan Castle and the unique Kumbu Stupa in Palkhor Monastery. After reaching Gyantse, we will drive toward north. After visiting the ancient shalu Monastery in Shigatse, we will come back to Lhasa via Renbu and Nyemu.

Popular Routes in Low Season of Tibet Tour – Route of Lhasa – Shannan

Shannan is the cradle of Tibetan, owning ancient Yarlung River Valley civilization which had been developed into national scenic attraction. On the way, we will pass by the first monastery in Tibetan history – Samye Monastery, the first Buddhist chapel – Trandrunk Monastery, the first field – Suodang and the first palace – Yungbu Lakang, as well as Zhatang Monastery, tombs of Tibetan Kings, holy lake and Zhegu Pasture and so on. All of these are telling tourists the history of Tibetan.

Popular Routes in Low Season of Tibet Tour- Route of Lhasa – Nyingchi – Shannan – Lhasa

The Nyingchi on this route is praised as "South of River in Tibet". There are Medog National Nature Reserve, Baksumtso National Resort and the largest great canyon in the world - Yarlung Zangpo River and Namjabarwa Mountain Great Canyon. Although this district is really very hard to go, it is a good place for exploration and scientific research.

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