Mt. Everest Tour – Transportation and Mt. Everest Highway
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Mt. Everest Tour – Transportation and Mt. Everest Highway

Update: Nov. 13th, 2012

Mt. Everest Highway

Mt. Everest Tour – Transportation

The Mt. Everest is located on the border of China and Nepal, about 100 kilometers away from south of China and Nepal Friendship Highway. From Lhasa to Shigatse, there are scheduled buses in the bus station of Lhasa which will depart every house. The price of bus ticket is from 85 CNY to 125 CNY which is subject to the vehicle type. From Shigatse to Tingri, there are two long-distance buses in each day. The price of bus ticket is 85 CNY. From Tingri to Mt. Everest Roungbuk Monastery, the cost of sharing vehicle with others is 500 CNY for each person. Then, the eco-car from Rongbuk Monastery to Mt. Everest Base Camp is 25 CNY for each person. It is easy to take vehicle from Shigatse and Lhatse to New Tingri. But it is hard to take convenience vehicle from New Tingri to Mt. Everest Base Camp. Hence, travelers who have Mt. Everest tour are suggested to charter vehicle from Lhasa to Mt. Everest Base Camp.

Before leaving for Mt. Everest Base Camp, travelers need to handle relevant formality to Mt. Everest in New Tingri. The vehicles to Mt. Everest Base Camp will be charged the road construction fee based on the amount of wheels. Furthermore, the entrance ticket of Mt. Everest is 180 CNY for each person. After driving 11 kilometers along China and Nepal Friendship Highway, you will see the sign board of Mt. Everest Reserve Area. You will leave the asphalt road when your turn left there.

Mt. Everest Tour – Mt. Everest Highway

The highest mountain in the world – Mt. Everest is located on the border of China and Nepal, on south of Tibet

The irreplaceable status of Mt. Everest attracts mountaineering fans in the world. It also makes Mt. Everest Base Camp become one of the most famous sight spots of Tibet. The Mt. Everest Highway starts from the Tashizong Country of Tingri County which is on the south side of 318 National Road, and ends at the Mt. Everest Base Camp. The whole Mt. Everest Highway is 54.4 kilometers long.

The Mt. Everest Highway was completed in 1990. It is twisting mountain road in four class standard. The roadbed of Mt. Everest Highway is 6 meters wide, and the surface is 4.5 meters wide. The sand-gravel surface of the Mt. Everest Highway is 15cm thick. The mountains and hillock along the Mt. Everest Highway consist of sandstones. Hence the structure of the highway is relatively unstable.

After the Mt. Everest Highway completed, the materials and equipments can be delivered to Mt. Everest Base Camp smoothly. At the same time, it also promoted the development of Mt. Everest tourism.

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