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How to Travel to Tibet

Update: Nov. 23rd, 2012

Guge Kingdom

How to Travel to Tibet - Transportation

With known by the world in recent years, Tibet tour is asked and made by tourists more and more. Nowadays the transportation to Tibet is becoming convenient and well-developed, too, which includes rail, road, and flight.

The most famous mean of transportation to Tibet is taking the Qinghai-Tibet train. During Tibet train journey, tourists have a chance to enjoy the snow mountains, Tibetan villages, highland within the two days. It is better to adjust yourself to the high altitude gradually.

Well, even some sceneries along the railway is missed by taking the air, but it saves lots of the time of your journey if you are anxious about your holiday.

On the other hand, Sichuan - Tibet highway is not opened to foreigners, but Qinghai-Tibet highway is possible to access Tibet to foreign tourists. But you have to pay attention to the difficulties of driving the car to Tibet, which would be dangerous and take lots of time.

Tips of Arriving at Lhasa railway station or airport:

Our local Tibetan guide will meet you out of the railway station or airport, as non-passengers are not allowed to meet tourists inside in Lhasa.

How to Travel to Tibet - Find Tibet Travel Agency in Lhasa

Tibetan policy is sometimes changed and some tourists attraction is not opened to foreigners, or not opened during some time, Tibet travel agency who has office in Lhasa indeed should be recommended to you as they know the timely news of Tibet.

We are the professional Tibet tour operator and setting our office in Lhasa so that we provide warmly, safety and cost-effective Tibet tour experience to our guests.

How to Travel to Tibet - Things to do

Besides following our tour route in Tibet, different tourists will find different other things to do in Tibet, too. For example, if you are interested in Tibetan culture, we will take you to enjoy Johkang Temple, Remoche Temple, Xialu Monastery, Palkor Monastery, etc, if you are interested natural scenery of Tibet, Namtso Lake and Nyingchi Prefecture will be recommended to you.

There are lots of things to do in Tibet, we could have a chance to enjoy Tibetan festivals such as Tibetan New Year, Tibetan customs such as singing and dancing, shopping such as Tibetan knives, entertainment such as famous mini bars, Tibetan villages such as Tibetan families visiting, etc.

How to Travel to Tibet - What to See

The scenery in Tibet is totally a gift of nature that the attractions are all breathtaking and worthy your visiting.

For example, Potala Palace should satisfy your impression of Lhasa, Tibet. It is always the first destination of Tibet tour to tourists. And then we will walk to enjoy the Johkang Temple, and Barkhor Street around. All of the three attractions form a golden scenic spots in central Lhasa.

Certainly monasteries will be greatly appreciated during Tibet tour, as the Buddhism is the major religion of Tibetan people. The religious spirit surprised many tourists.

Additional there are some famous holy mountains and holy lakes in Tibet, such as Mt. Everest, Mt.Kailash, Namtso Lake and Yamdrok Lake, four of them will be highly recommended to our tourists if you get enough time. As you may know the mountains and lakes are situated in the highest altitude in the world which make tourists feel shocked, and touched to the natural scenery.

Besides the cultural relics in Tibet, we will take you to Shannan Prefecture, and even the Ngari Prefecture, both of which are full of old-age relics and legends such as Guge Kingdom, and Yumbuklakang.

How to Travel to Tibet - How to Get Tibet Travel Permits

Only if you provide the scanned copies of your passport, Chinese visa, occupation to us, we will help you get Tibet Travel Permits from Tibet Tourism Bureau even though the some other Tibet travel agency gets in trouble with the restrict policy.

How to Travel to Tibet - How to Avoid High Altitude Sickness

Firstly you need to know more about what the high altitude sickness is, and then let us to help you find how to avoid high altitude sickness.

Generally speaking, slowly walking, acclimatization, no drinking alcohol, no running, no disease, more water, more vegetable, necessary medicines are all helpful to you with avoiding high altitude sickness.

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