2013 Mt. Kailash and Mapam Yumtso Itinerary
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2013 Mt. Kailash and Mapam Yumtso Itinerary

Update: Apr. 11th, 2013

Mapam Yumtso

2013 Mt. Kailash and Mapam Yumtso and Itinerary

D5 Saga – Payam – Lake Manasarovar (Mapam Yumtso) – Mt. Kailash

Payam is a small town with rich Tibetan flavor on the grassland. You can enjoy the Tibetan dwellings and characteristic folk clothes. It presents you an idyllic landscape with flocks and herds. Then we will make our way to Lake Manasarovar, a famous holy lake in Tibet.

Lake Manasarovar (Mapam Yumtso) is situated about 20 kilometers southeastern far from Mt. Kailash in the north of Namnaly Snow Peak. It is 4588 meters high and covers an area of 412 square kilometers. The water depth could stretch to 70 meters in Lake Manasarovar (Mapam Yumtso). As a matter of fact, Lake Manasarovar (Mapam Yumtso) is not the largest, deepest or highest lake of Tibet, but it is highly respected as the Sacred Lake Queen by Bon Sect, Tibetan Buddhism, and Hinduism and other religious sect in Tibet. It is well known only in China, but also popular in Asia. Lake Manasarovar (Mapam Yumtso) is supposed to be the gift and sweet dew from the Buddha. She can help people to clear the filth of body and purity the venom of our mind. It also helps people to live longer in the lifetime. Hereby a large number of believers and pilgrims would like to wash their body in Lake Manasarovar (Mapam Yumtso) every year. After shower, they will take the water back and present it to families and friends as a gift. Lake Manasarovar (Mapam Yumtso) scenery is the most amazing and shining in sunny days. With the white clouds in the air, higher peaks and pure snow mountains, Lake Manasarovar (Mapam Yumtso) impresses people a lot.

Mt. Kailash means "treasure of the snow mountain" in Tibetan language. It is one of the most beautiful and amazing mountains in China, acted as the second highest peak of Gangdisê Mountains with an altitude of 6721 meters. It shapes like a pyramid with four symmetrical walls. Take a view from the south, tourists could see its symbol: the giant ice groove hanging vertically from the top of Kailash Peak. Mt. Kailash is often surrounded by crowded while clouds. If you are lucky enough to see the scenery, you will be supposed to be the auspicious person. As a matter of fact, Mt. Kailash is admittedly acceptable as the most sacred mountain in Tibet, and even the world, and that is why a lot of pilgrims and religious people will gather here every year. It is also highly respected by Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, Bon Sect, Ancient Jainism Sect and other religious sect.

Tips: On the way to Mt. Kailash and Mapam Yumtso and Itinerary, you will see large numbers of pilgrims from home and abroad, crawling on the ground. They take the some general tools without any money from their home. Generally speaking, it will take you about 4-5 days to walk around Mt. Kailash once successfully. Tarchen is the start point and the finish point of the circumambulation.

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