Giant Cypress Forest
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Giant Cypress Forest

Update: Jan. 7th, 2013

Giant Cypress Forest

Be praised as "king of the giant cypresses in the world", Giant Cypress Forest is located in the valley (about 3000-4000 meters above the sea level) at the lower reaches of Yarlung Zangbo River and Nyang River.

Giant Cypress Forest - Brief Introduction

There are hundreds of old giant cypress (some of them have a history of more than 1000 years) trees in the Giant Cypress Natural Resort in Baggey County. Their pyramid shaped crown, tall and straight trunk are particularly attractive. The giant cypress is a special tree grows only in Tibet which was also called Yarlung Zangbo Cypress.

The giant cypress trees grow in the Giant Cypress Natural Resort (a relatively complete giant cypress forest) in Baggey County grows in a good condition. The average height of the cypress trees in the natural resort reaches 44 meters and their diameter at breast height reaches 158 centimeters.

Giant Cypress Forest - the Super Giant Cypress

There is a super giant cypress in the center of the Giant Cypress Natural Resort. It could only be embraced by almost 20 adults hand in hand. It is more than 50 meters high and has a diameter of 6 meters. The contour of its crown covers an area of one fifteenth hectare. It is measured that this super giant cypress is 2000-2500 years old. It is well protected as a holy tree by the local people.

The ancient cypress forest in Nyingchi Prefecture is a sacred land for the local Tibetans. It is said that the life tree of the founder of Bon was a cypress tree. Hence, there are always religious flags of Bon hanging on the super giant cypress tree. There are numerous Marni heaps piled up with rubbles. There are a lot of followers of Bon come to the giant cypress forest for pilgrimage.

Giant Cypress Forest - Traveling Tips

It involves an entrance ticket for travel to Giant Cypress Natural Resort in Baggey County.

The Giant Cypress Natural Resort is located by the highway between Bayi Town and the county seat of Nyingchi. It is very convenient to get to the resort or back to your hotel in the town.

The best season for travel to the Giant Cypress Natural Resort is between April and October since the climate would be warmer during this period.

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