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Update: Jan. 7th, 2013


Yampachen Town is located in Damxung County, about 90 kilometers away from Lhasa City. It is noted for its geothermal resources.

Yampachen Valley is a long and narrow graben basin which covers an area of about 450 square kilometers. It is about 90 kilometers long and less than 10 kilometers wide. The mountains standing around the valley are 5500-6000 meters above the sea level. There are modern glaciers on the top of these mountains and relics of the ancient glaciers in Yampachen Valley and the foot of these mountains.

Yampachen - Geothermal Resources

The topography of Yampachen Valley is relatively flat with an altitude of about 4300 meters. It is of rich geothermal resources, including hot spring, boiling spring, and fountain. There are large scale spring pond and spring marsh.

The terrain of the northern part of Yampachen Valley is higher and the ground water lies deeper under the earth. The hydrothermal would be released from the surface of the earth. The topography of the southern part of Yampachen Valley is lower and the ground water lies closer to the surface of the earth. The hydrothermal would be released from the spring, lake, marsh and so on.

Yampachen - Landscapes

There is a newly constructed city of geothermal resources in Yampachen Valley which is 4300 meters above the sea level. The Yampachen Test and Development Zone of Geothermal Resources reserved a large quantity of resources. The reserves tops among the lands of geothermal resources. The geothermal resources storage of Yampachen Valley ranks 14th in the world.

With the exploitation of the geothermal resources of Yampachen, the look of Yampachen changes quickly since there is a great accumulation of economic profits. The prosperous streets sprung up on the valley. There are stores, hotels and amusement centers standing on both sides of the wide road.

There are white vapor rising from the factories day and night. The ordered electricity transmission lines looked like fantastic notes on the green pasture. The newly built modern architectures and the Tibetan traditional houses and tents formed a beautiful and harmony picture.

Yampachen - Hot Spring Resort

Yampachen is noted as a hot spring resort. A large quantity of tourists came here not for its landscapes but for its hot springs. Take a bath in the hot spring, all the fatigues would be released. Tourists could choose to bath in a indoor hot spring or an outdoor hot spring. Though it is very comfortable to enjoy the hot spring, tourists are not advised to bath themselves too long in the hot spring.

The number of hot springs in Tibet tops in China. There are many types of hot springs at Yampachen, including the fountain, geyser, hot spring, boiling spring and so on. All the springs in Yampachen cover an area of more than 7000 square meters.

Hot springs in Yampachen are of high mineral contents. Take a bath in the hot spring could eliminate fatigue and is helpful for the cure of various diseases.

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