XiAn-Lhasa Flight Information
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XiAn-Lhasa Flight Information

Update: Sep. 11th, 2013

XiAn-Lhasa Flight

There were only three flights between XiAn and Lhasa in one week in a pretty long period in the past due to the special geographic environment and climate on Tibet Plateau. Hainan Airlines opened the XiAn-Lhasa flight in May, 2006. Since then, the XiAn-Lhasa flight is available everyday. Tourists making a Tibet tour from XiAn could choose the air transportation conveniently. Generally, tourists could get an air ticket between XiAn and Lhasa easily if you book the tickets in advance.

Eastern Airlines Opened More Flights between XiAn and Lhasa between July and October, 2013

To meet the demands of tourists making a visit to the ancient XiAn and willing to fly to other domestic cities from here, Eastern Airlines opened more flights between XiAn and other popular tourism cities between July 1st and October 26th, 2013.

Tourists making a Tibet tour from XiAn during the summer vacation could choose the air transportation instead of the railway transportation for it is difficult to get a train ticket to Lhasa in the high season. Two more flights between XiAn and Lhasa are opened for tourists' reference. Besides, some flights heading to Lhasa would make a stop at XiAn, and then tourists have more choices in the flights to Lhasa. The XiAn-Lhasa flight is available from the morning to the afternoon in the peak season of Tibet tour.

Flight No. Departure Arrival Duration Price(economy class)
MU2333 XiAn (07:45) Lhasa(10:40) 2hrs + 55mins CNY1820
3U8687 XiAn (07:50) Lhasa(12:30) 4hrs + 40mins CNY1820
MU2335 XiAn (11:35) Lhasa(14:30) 2hrs + 55mins CNY1820
MU2209 XiAn (13:20) Lhasa(16:15) 2hrs + 55mins CNY1820

Brief History of XiAn-Lhasa Flight

Opening of the XiAn-Lhasa Flight in 2006

The first XiAn-Lhasa flight was officially opened to passengers by Hainan Airlines on May 17th, 2006. It is reported that the XiAn-Lhasa flight was only available on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays at the very first. It would departure XiAn Xianyang International Airport at 07:55 and would arrive in Lhasa Gonggar Airport at 11:10. Then this flight would leave Lhasa for XiAn at 12:00 and would finally land on Xianyang International Airport at 14:35.

Flying Suspension and Recovery of XiAn-Lhasa Flight

The flying of the XiAn-Lhasa flight was suspended in middle October 2007 due to the season influence and the limited passenger source. According to the related officials, the attendance of the XiAn-Lhasa flight is only about 20 percent though the attendance of the Lhasa-XiAn flight could generally reach 70 percent. Hence, the XiAn-Lhasa flight was suspended in the low season of Tibet tour between November and April.

The XiAn-Lhasa flight was opened to passengers again with the coming of the high season of Tibet tour in June 2009. This flight would be available everyday and it provides great convenience for tourists planning to make a Tibet tour from XiAn and willing to take XiAn as their next destination after the Tibet trip. Generally, there would be rare discount in the XiAn-Lhasa air ticket in the peak season. On the contrary, passengers could get some discount in the shoulder and low season of Tibet tour.

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