Why Travel to Tibet in Winter – Comfortable Climate, Relaxing Itinerary
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Why Travel to Tibet in Winter – Comfortable Climate, Relaxing Itinerary

Update: Apr. 15th, 2012

Tibet in Winter

Most people consider the summer is the proper time to have a Tibet tour. But actually, if you travel to Tibet in winter, you will experience particular scenery and have a wonderful trip in Tibet.

But why we are suggested to travel to Tibet in winter? There are many reasons for it as following.

Why Travel to Tibet in Winter – Reasons

Comfortable Climate

Travel to Tibet in winter, tourists will find it more warmly than Beijing. The climate and weather in winter in Tibet is proper to travel. There is plenty of sunshine from November to next March. The average temperature of the main town in day time is 10? - 18?. The air is fresh and pure. The sceneries are more magnificent in winter in Tibet.

Relaxing Itinerary

Most tourists choose May – September to travel to Tibet, which is called the golden time to travel to Tibet. Thus there will be fewer people in Potala Palace, Johkang Temple and other scenery spots when we travel to Tibet in winter. Tourists can enjoy the interesting things with plenty of time and have a relatively relaxing itinerary of Tibet tour.

Best Cost Performance

The price is much higher in golden time of Tibet tour. But it will be much lower when we travel to Tiber in winter. For a better cost performance, more and more people choose to travel to Tibet in winter.

The accommodation, traffic, food, and interesting stuff will be more acceptable by tourists.

Generally speaking, travel to Tibet in winter with better cost performance and the same service standard of golden time becomes a popular chosen for tourists.

High Altitude Sickness

There are relatively less trees in winter in Tibet and the air is also dry. It is possible to get high altitude sickness than summer. Thus Lhasa and Nyingchi Prefecture will be your best places to visit when you travel to Tibet in winter.

Actually, Nyingchi Prefecture is praised as the "little Jiangnan of Tibet (Jiangnan mainly means south part of Yangtze River). There is much oxygen in Nyingchi Prefecture, which makes it a better place to visit in winter in Tibet. Besides that, Nyingchi Airport is 2950 meters high, which makes tourists enter Tibet more easily.

Generally speaking, it is hard to say the high altitude sickness caused easily in winter than summer.

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