Attractions of Travel to Tibet in Winter – Potala Palace, Barkhor Street
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Attractions of Travel to Tibet in Winter – Potala Palace, Barkhor Street

Update: Apr. 17th, 2012

Tibet in Winter

People think Tibet winter is not proper to travel. But in recent years, more and more tourists realized that travel to Tibet in winter is also a good chosen. Due to the location of Tibet, the climate is very different in closed areas. For example, Mt. Everest is more than 5000 meters high. Even in summer, the temperature of Mt. Everest could be decreased below 0?.

But actually, in Lhasa City, the temperature is mild all year around. Even in winter, the weather is proper and the climate is comfortable in Lhasa than in Beijing. To be honest, the tropical rain forest also exists in some low altitude areas in Tibet.

Attractions of Travel to Tibet in Winter – Lhasa

Johkang Temple

There are full of many people with different background and nationalities in Lhasa. Tourists are able to taste different types of food here.

Johkang Temple was built in B.C 647 with more than 1300 years history. It was build after the marriage between Princess Wencheng of Tang Dynasty and Songtsen Gampo. There are full of followers in Johkang Temple. There is a square in front of Johkang Temple. Many believers beat their head on the floor of the square to pray the Buddha. It is hard to describe how devout they are.

Johkang Temple is free to Tibetan people. Almost everyday, you can see a lot of Tibetan believers line up along the Johkang Temple as a circle. Some of them hold a butter lamp, some of them take a bag of ghee, some are children, some are adults and some are olds. All of which are saying the Mantra proverbs ignoring the tourists surrounded. At that time, tourists are suggested to keep them quiet and respect their beliefs.

Barkhor Street

Barkhor Street is the busiest center of Lhasa. There are full of unique nationalist handworks and articles for daily use.

The Kangba people who from Qamdo attract tourists a lot. They are very strong and the skin's color is deep. There is a hero knot on their head with a red silk ribbon. They always wear leather boot and a long spear on the waist. They always doing business of jewelries.

Potala Palace

Potala Palace is located at the center of Tibet and is one of the cultureal relics with national protection. Due to Lhasa's weather and climate are good for travel to Tibet all year around, Potala Palace is one of the best attractions when travel to Tibet in winter.

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