Preparation of Tibet Train Tours
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Preparation of Tibet Train Tours

Update: Nov. 1st, 2012

Preparation of Tibet Train Tours

Tibet is praised as the roof of the world for its high altitude. To deal with the possible problems during the stay in Tibet, tourists planning to join the Tibet Train Tours have to do a good preparation before boarding on the train.

Preparation of Tibet Train Tours – Physical Preparation

Tourists planning a Tibet train tour are advised to take some medicines (such as Rhodiola rosea) which could help you to prevent altitude sickness about 15 days before you start the trip. It should be noted that tourists planning a Tibet tour are not advised to do special exercise before the trip. Besides, tourists who keep doing exercise should stop exercise about 15 days before the trip. The oxygen consumption amount will increase for the exercised body, which will increase the burden of heart and cause high altitude sickness more easily.

Preparation of Tibet Train Tours – Psychological Preparation

Various degrees of altitude sickness might occur to different tourists, but tourists planning a Tibet train tour should not be over worried about the possible altitude sickness. The experts hold that some of the symptoms of altitude sickness were definitely caused by psychological effect. Hence, tourists are advised to keep a relaxing mood. You should believe that you will get formal treatment in time if you get a serious altitude sickness.

Preparation of Tibet Train Tours – Materials Preparation

Tibet tour always involves some regions with severe weather condition and geographical condition. Tourists planning to join the Tibet train tours should make a good material preparation before get on the train to Lhasa.

Some commonly used medicines should also be prepared in case of need during the trip. Portable mountaineering shoes, sunbonnet, gloves, sick socks, long woolen underwear, and thick pants should be prepared if you are planning a Tibet train tour in winter. Besides, a pair of sunglasses is also necessary since the sunshine radiation is pretty strong on Tibet Plateau.

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