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Tibet Travel Features service - Tibet Scenery

Update: Aug. 17th, 2012

Tibet Monastery

Tibet, the roof of the world, features not only the magnificent Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple, but also the glamorous Namtso Lake, Yamdrok Lake, Snow mountains, Basumtso Lake, Yarlung Zangbo River, Lhasa River and Niyang River.

Tibet Travel Service summarize Tibet travel features for tourists and hope you won't miss them during Tibet tour.

Tibet Travel Service - Tibet Travel Features

Unique Tibet snow scenery

Tibet is noted as its snow scenery in the world, but also characteristic of the scenery of southern China. This is totally different types sceneries, but both of them are available in Tibet. So far, Tibetans have totally different life style from modern people, which is the one of the reasons of traveling to Tibet.

In Tibet, while you are enjoying the mysterious natural landscape and cultural landscape, you will be impressed by pilgrims on the way. Some of them come to Lhasa from very far away, some of them pray around the monasteries day by day.

Splendid ancient Tibet architectures

There are many national and unique buildings in Tibet, they are towns, palaces, monasteries, manors, Tibetan houses, bridges, and so on. All of them have different features of architecture style, which are regarded as the Tibetan treasures.

In many palaces, monasteries, and manors, Tibetans would like to hang Thangka inside or paint a mural. Thangka is similar with scroll painting, is often draw on cloth or paper, decorated by silk, and with delicate pivot bracket at the down side.

Famous Tibetan Buddhism

Tibetan Buddhism originates 7 Century from Tang Dynasty and India. After a long-term development, Tibet Buddhism has been organized.

Tibet Buddhism gradually split into different sects and gained political influence, all of which the following five religious sects are the most influential ones, Nyingma Sect (Red Sect), Kagyu Sect (White Sect), Kadam Sect, Sakya Sect (Colorful Sect) and Gelug Sect (Yellow Sect).

Beautiful Songs and dances in Tibetan Festival

When Tibetan festival held, there are songs and dances everywhere in Tibet. Almost every Tibetan is good at singing and dancing. The songs and dances are characteristic Tibetan style.

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